Fall DIY napkin rings using raffia

Fall DIY napkin rings using raffiaHi Podgy People! It’s Shannon from Madigan Made back again. Today I want to show you an easy fall craft project that would be an elegant idea for your autumn table scape: DIY napkin rings.

I’m always amazed at the versatility of Mod Podge. Not only can you cover and seal stuff with it . . . but you can shape things, too! Fabric, yarn, rope . . . decoupage is a wonderful sealer and shaper for these materials. I made a bracelet with raffia and Mod Podge this past summer and it inspired these fall napkin rings that I made this month.

Fall DIY napkin rings using raffiaThere are some things to remember when you use Mod Podge to hold fibers together. First, you need a surface that will serve as the mold for your material. But you also need to ensure that the fibrous material and mold will separate once the glue is dry. When you are working with a small object like a napkin ring, how do you find a cylindrical object that will allow you to easily release the rings once everything is dry? I figured out that a long balloon works perfectly! Especially the kind that you can use to make balloon animals. The diameter is perfect for a napkin ring!

These napkin rings were also affordable to make… I found my balloon kit and raffia at the dollar store. And the gems were only $1.50 for a big box of them at the craft store!

Let me show you how I made these simple fall napkin rings.

diy-napkin-rings-raffia-decoupage-fall-00Supplies needed:

  • Raffia
  • Mod Podge Satin
  • Long Balloon Kit
  • Rhinestone leaf gems
  • Hot glue
  • Scissors
  • Foam brush
  • Pin

diy-napkin-rings-raffia-decoupage-fall-01Step One: Inflate your party balloon with the pump provided and tie the end shut.

diy-napkin-rings-raffia-decoupage-fall-02Step Two:  This is where we get a little messy! Brush a thick coat of Mod Podge around a section of the balloon. Take one end of the raffia and wrap it around that area. Keep in mind that you are decoupaging the raffia onto itself . . . not to the balloon. The cylinder is just there to support your shape. Liberally apply more Mod Podge as you continue to wrap the fiber around the balloon.

If you need more raffia, you can add it. But one strand of raffia gave me a decent width for a napkin ring. Secure the end down with more Mod Podge. (You may need to tuck the end into fibers to get it to stay put, too.)

tutorial-for-napkin-rings-raffia-decoupage-fall-00Step Three: Repeat step two and work your way down the balloon. Wrap more pieces of raffia with Mod Podge to make your desired quantity of napkin rings. Hang the balloon to dry overnight.

diy-napkin-rings-raffia-decoupage-fall-03Step Four: Now comes the fun part! Use a sharp pin or scissors and pop your balloon to release your pretty napkin rings. Pop! The balloon will peel right away from the decoupage and raffia.

diy-napkin-rings-raffia-decoupage-fall-09Step Five: Use scissors to clean up some of loose or hanging raffia and dried decoupage from the edges of each ring.

diy-napkin-rings-raffia-decoupage-fall-08Step Six: Attach a jeweled leaf to each circle with your hot glue gun. If you can’t find a pretty jewel, try a button or an acorn top. Personalize it for your table!

Fall DIY napkin rings using raffiaEnjoy your new napkins rings at your next dinner party this season! See how easy it is to use decoupage to turn fibers into a shape? I’m loving how the natural material resembles corn husks. The contrast of organic raffia with a pretty jewel is simple and understated.

Fall DIY napkin rings using raffiaWhy not make a set of these napkin rings for your Thanksgiving table? You can tell your relatives all about  the amazing things you can make with Mod Podge over pumpkin pie. (Beats talking about your aunt’s latest bunion trouble, right?)

About the Podger: You might call Shannon the Clark Kent of craft blogging. By day, she is a pharmacist and by night she shares simple ideas for crafts, décor and much more with her readers. She also craves chocolate, loves a thrifty find and tries (often unsuccessfully) to avoid glue gun burns. You can find Shannon on her blog, Madigan Made, and on FacebookTwitter or Pinterest, too.


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    Fab project, and never thought of using mod podge this way! thanks for sharing on Craft schooling Sunday!


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