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EASY Thanksgiving Sign with Rustic Style

Abbey shows you how to make this rustic style, distressed Thanksgiving sign using washi tape, chalk paint, and Mod Podge!

Skills Required: Beginner. It’s relatively easy even if you’ve never crafted before. Just follow the steps closely for painting, Mod Podge, and adding embellishments and be patient and you’ll achieve success.

EASY Rustic Style Thanksgiving Sign

Hey friends! It’s Abbey here from The Cards We Drew. I’m here today sharing an EASY Mod Podge washi tape Thanksgiving sign (say that tay times fast!).

Since Thanksgiving is right around the corner, this sign was a perfect fit both the holiday and my mental state. One thing I try to do each day is abide by the following thought:

If you were to wake up tomorrow morning and only be left with the things you thanked God for the night before . . . what would you have?

So on a daily basis I try remember to be thankful for all the things in my life I couldn’t live without. This sign isn’t just for the holiday – it’s a constant reminder to be thankful all the time. Are you ready for the tutorial? Keep reading.

DIY Thanksgiving Sign

The sign is very easy to make, here’s what you need:


apply woodgrain washi tape to sign

The first step is to cover the sign with washi tape. I left room on either side so I could fold it nicely over the edges. Be sure not to leave any gaps in the layers.

wood sign covered in washi tape

After the sign was covered, I gently started tucking all the edges of the washi tape under and to the back. This was to fully cover all the edges of the sign.

washi tape sign

Once the sign is wrapped, fill in any gaps with washi tape. Paint a medium layer of Mod Podge over the entire sign to secure the washi tape to the wood.

Whether or not the washi tape sticks to wood really depends on the quality of the tape. A lot of washi doesn’t have a strong hold and will left over time without Mod Podge. When in doubt, go ahead and paint the sign with tape and let dry.

apply mod podge to sign

Apply a thick layer of Mod Podge over the whole thing and let dry. I used a Mod Podge with high shine to it, but you can use regular Mod Podge, as well.

mod podged sign

Your Thanksgiving sign has the base laid, so make sure everything is secured before moving onto the next step.

In All Things Give THanks stenciled sign

After my sign dried, I used stencils to spell out “in all things . . give thanks.” You have a few options here. You can use a cutting machine to print out a saying and attach it to your sign.

You can also use adhesive letter stickers on your Thanksgiving sign. I have two pieces of advice if you use adhesive letters:

  1. Use a ruler to keep your letters straight across the sign from left to right
  2. Really smooth the letters down so that paint doesn’t get underneath
painted stencil sign

Once the letters are secured to the sign, paint with light blue chalk paint. It’s better to paint a few lighter layers rather than one thick one. Having said that, chalk paint has great covered so you should only need one or two coats.

Abbey shows you how to make this gorgeous, distressed give thanks sign for Thanksgiving using washi tape, chalk paint, and Mod Podge!

Remove the adhesive letters or die cut letters and let the paint dry completely. Gently sand the sign with sandpaper to give it some texture and make the sign look a little more weathered.

Be careful not to sand too vehemently or you’ll tear up that washi tape. Go lightly.

Heat up your hot glue gun. Use scrap fabric or felt to create rosettes, or use embellishments from your stash. Add them to your give thanks sign with hot glue and let cool.

Abbey shows you how to make this gorgeous, distressed give thanks sign for Thanksgiving using washi tape, chalk paint, and Mod Podge!

I love how my Thanksgiving sign turned out, as well as the meaning it continues to have for me every day. It’s a great reminder to all your family to be thankful for what you have!

If you enjoyed the sign or the thought behind it or both, let me know in the comments! I’d also love for you to check out the following posts:

Jen @ Girl in the Garage

Tuesday 18th of November 2014

This is super cute! I'm a fan of washi tape but I didn't know there was a woodgrain style... gonna have to find some!

Sharon Collins

Sunday 16th of November 2014

What a great idea! Looks easy & inexpensive for an expensive designer look. I really could not figure out where the Washi tape was used. I never would have guessed the plaque was covered with Washi tape! I will be trying this craft technique out with my namesake niece.