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DIY Fall Signs to Make Your Autumn Better

Looking for easy DIY fall signs to compliment your autumn decor? Here are over 35 styles – with rustic, farmhouse, vintage, and more!

DIY Fall Signs for decorating

When it comes to autumn, I enjoy decorating. That’s because I really love the colors brown and orange (and even a nice yellow ochre shade) . . . after all, I’m the girl with the bright orange front door. The colors of the season inspire me, as well as the unique textures and smells.

If you’re a “fall appreciator,” you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Making Signs

This year my mom and I were discussing fall signs, as she likes to change out the one on her porch every month.

She was thinking about some ideas for DIY fall signs since it’s about that time, so I sent her some ideas. This list below? It’s the very list I sent my own mother . . . so you know it’s good.

If you’re looking for some autumn signs to make, you’re going to enjoy this list. Before I dive in though, there is one important issue I need to discuss with you. It’s going to make or break your fall sign.

Choosing a Base

The first thing you want to do for any fall sign you plan to make is choose a base. There are a lot of possibilities, but here is what I would suggest you think about:

  • Pre-made, unfinished wood pallets (made for crafting)
  • Wood scraps from another project
  • Scraps from the home improvement store (sometimes they will even cut them for you if you ask nicely!)
  • Old pallet wood (learn more about it in my pallet projects article on DIY Candy)
  • Wood surface from a thrift store
  • Old cabinet door
  • Canvas – either new or painted over from the thrift store (because it doesn’t have to be wood!)

Prepare and Paint

Whatever you decide, there’s not much you have to do to prepare your surface. The nice thing about fall signs is that they can be distressed – and to a certain extent, the more distressed the better! You just need to make sure your surface is clean, and you’re ready to begin your projects.

Besides that, the most common supplies you’ll use are acrylic paint, Mod Podge, and stencils. There are a few other options though. That’s what I love about these DIY fall signs. There’s a little something for everyone! Keep reading to get the ideas.

If you don’t think you can stencil, I beg to differ. Anyone can stencil, but it’s just a matter of knowing how to get clean lines. And the way to do that is to paint the area with Mod Podge first and let dry before using your stencil color on top. Now you’re ready to make it!

DIY Fall Signs

You're going to love these cute signs for fall that you can make! These DIYs go with a variety of styles from farmhouse to rustic and more.

Which of these handmade fall signs are your favorite? Have you tried any of these yet? Let me know in the comments! I’d also love for you to visit these other ideas:


Tuesday 8th of October 2019

Oh, I love so many of these! I think fall signs look best on weathered boards painted or not. I need to go make one now...ha!



Saturday 29th of September 2018

Any number 5 is my favorite I subscribe and got printable call ones for treats but doesn't let me download


Saturday 29th of September 2018

Pat I will send you an email!

Kathee Tooher

Sunday 16th of September 2018

My favorite is #8 . I love the colors burnt orange, red, yellow and even green usually with spots of yellow. Fall or Autumn is a wonderful time of year to create and live with your favorite colors for few weeks.

Thank you, Amy for all of your articles, encouraging words and fun ideas and demos.

Happy Autumn!!


Saturday 29th of September 2018

I REALLY love burnt orange Kathee! It's one of my favorite colors. And my pleasure - thank you for reading!