DIY glass magnets for gifts

DIY glass magnets for giftsNow and again I like to present projects for the beginning Mod Podger (you more experienced Podgers will have to excuse me). These magnets from Two Girls Being Crafty are perfect if you’ve never picked up a brush and a bottle of Mod Podge. But even if you are an expert, I would give these a try with some scrap paper. They make cute gifts for new neighbors or hostesses. Enjoy the tutorial here.


  1. Junky Vagabond says

    Thanks for putting up one of my fav projects. Every time I see these, I want to run right out and make another batch!

  2. Sandy says

    I recently made some of these, and I found magnetic buttons at Wal-mart that have adhesive on the back… so much easier than busting out the Gorilla Glue! So far they have stayed on with no problem!

  3. Shelley (aka: Her Royal Sassiness) says

    simple and cute! I thinkI may make some of these with photos too. Thanks for posting!!

  4. amy says