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Frosted Christmas Luminaries with Faux “Snow”!

Use textured epsom salt and Mod Podge to make these gorgeous mason jar Christmas luminaries! These are easy and so pretty for winter.

Skills Required: None. Even if you’ve never crafted before, you’ll be able to make these. You’ll be adding epsom salt to your mason jars with Mod Podge and then embellishing.


Imagine a winter evening spent snuggling under a blanket while snow gently falls against a dimly lit street. It’s a beautiful setting that inspired this easy-to-make DIY project.

When it’s cold outside, it’s nice to bring the warmth inside with the festive glow of candlelight from a beautiful Christmas candle holder.

This post is for those who are looking to create one-of-a-kind candle holders to compliment your holiday decor this year. These Christmas luminaries will not only make your home look festive, but also provide a show stopping spark of holiday light when gathered together!

These mason jar luminaries do just that by using Mod Podge to add a frosted look to mason jars and the flameless candles add a soft glow. They look great on a table or holiday mantel.

Did I mention they take under an hour to make? And they’re easy enough for beginning Christmas crafters? I can’t wait to show you how these Christmas mason jars are done!

Mod Podge with epsom salt fir branches scissors twine and a paintbrush

Christmas Luminaries

Gather These Supplies

  • Mason jars
  • Mod Podge Satin
  • Epsom salt
  • Fir branches – collected and trimmed to size with scissors
  • Small wood slices
  • Twine
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Flameless candles
  • Paintbrushes
  • Spoon

There’s a three step process to this project. You’re going to prepare the jars, then Mod Podge and salt them, and then add the embellishments. It’s relatively easy!

Prepare the Jars

Before you get started, read my post about Mod Podging on glass. Basically you’ll need to make sure that the jars are washed and clean so that the Mod Podge sticks. You have two options:

  1. Clean the glass with mild soap and warm water and let dry
  2. Clean the glass with rubbing alcohol and cotton balls (or similar) and let dry

The reason for the prep is because oils and dirt can get onto glass and stay there, and they can cause problems if you try to Mod Podge the glass. By “problems,” I mean the Podge won’t stick. So please clean the glass before moving on!

Bottle of Mod Podge Satin

Mod Podge and Epsom Salt

I used Mod Podge Satin for this project. You can use any formula really, but I recommend either Satin, Gloss, or Matte. You won’t see the finish of the Mod Podge, so it doesn’t really matter.

Put your epsom salt out on a plate on your work surface.

Applying Mod Podge to the side of a mason jar

Paint a medium layer of Mod Podge on the jar in consistent, quick strokes. You want to work quickly because Mod Podge starts to dry pretty quickly, and you don’t want to have to do a bunch of layering of the salt. It will get clumpy on your final Christmas luminaries.

Hands rolling a mason jar covered in Mod Podge in epsom salt

Roll the jar in the epsom salt, all the way around. Push down slightly. Bring it up out of the epsom salt.

Spooning epsom salt over a mason jar

Use a spoon to pour salt over areas of the jar that may not have gotten salt.

Shaking the excess epsom salt off a mason jar

You can also use a small paintbrush to add to blank areas and then sprinkle a little salt on it. Just be careful not to add too much Mod Podge. Clumping salt doesn’t look great, especially with votives.

Keep in mind that if you miss a few areas, it will be hardly noticeable! Let your Christmas luminaries dry for several hours.

Cutting a piece of twine with a pair of scissors

Adding Embellishments

Cut a length of twine that is long enough to wrap around the jar mouth around 6 – 7 times.

Tying twine around the lip of the mason jar

Start wrapping. Tie it once at the halfway point, then tie it again at the end. Tie the twine into a bow.

Attaching a small wood circle to the mason jar with a hot glue gun

Use a hot glue gun to attach the branches to the front of your Christmas luminaries. Then place the small wood pieces on the front.

Christmas luminaries sitting in front of pinecones

Place the LED tea lights into your new mason jar luminaries for a warm glow! You can also use real tea lights if you like, given that the epsom salt and Mod Podge are on the outside of the jar.

Lighted mason jar Christmas luminaries in front of pinecones

Add a warm and cozy glow this holiday season with this easy-to-make, time and budget friendly Mod Podge project. Bring one as a hostess gift to your next holiday party or set them in your window to cast a soft snow-inspired glow. Happy holiday crafting!

Yield: 2 jars

Christmas Luminaries

Christmas luminaries sitting in front of pinecones

Learn how to make these easy Christmas luminaries from glass mason jars! All you need is some Mod Podge, epsom salt, and a few embellishments.

Prep Time 10 minutes
Active Time 1 hour
Total Time 1 hour 10 minutes
Difficulty Easy
Estimated Cost $5


  • Mason jars
  • Mod Podge Satin
  • Epsom salt
  • Fir branches - collected and trimmed to size
  • Small wood slices
  • Twine


  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Flameless candles
  • Paintbrushes
  • Spoon


  1. Wash jars with mild soap and water. Let dry.
  2. Add epsom salt to a plate.
  3. Apply Mod Podge in a medium layer to the entire jar and lay the mason jar into the epsom salt. Roll the entire jar around in the salt.
  4. Pick up the jar and use a spoon to add salt to any areas that were missed.
  5. Let dry and repeat with a second jar.
  6. Cut a length of twine to wrap around the lip of the jar. Wrap around several times, tying half way through. Finish wrapping and tie into a bow.
  7. Use the hot glue gun to apply the fir branches and wood slices to the front of the jars on top of the bow.
  8. Finish by adding the LEd tea lights to the jars.

Did You Make This Project?

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Wednesday 15th of November 2023

Do you leave it open, what do you do for the top?


Sunday 24th of September 2023



Tuesday 20th of June 2023

can you color the epsom salt in any way? What about scented epsom salts? Would the smell be covered up from the modpodge and sealer?


Tuesday 20th of June 2023

Apparently you can use food coloring with epsom salts! Add a few drops to a ziploc of epsom salts and shake. As far as the scent, I am not sure. Maybe a combination of glue and essential oils for a minute. But if the oils are strong enough, the scent might come through when dry.


Tuesday 23rd of November 2021

Can you use real candles when you decorate the holder with MP?


Wednesday 24th of November 2021

Hi Lori! Yes you can. Mod Podge is non flammable but also the MP is on the outside, so it won't melt.


Sunday 31st of October 2021

I just love this simple, yet beautiful and festive luminary!! I am in the process of making them today! I put the salt on them and let them dry for about 6 hours. I then sprayed them with "Mod Podge Ultra Spray On All-In-One Glue & Sealer." I will let this dry overnight and see how they are tomorrow. If jars are still losing salt, I'll give them another coat of spray. I think they are going to come out beautiful! Thank you for sharing this idea and video!

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