Simple pencil cup from a jar

Make a simple pencil cup from a jarDo you have a college-bound student that may need a cheap desk accessory for their dorm room? Or do you need an idea for a back-to-school teacher gift? Raid your recyclables and make a practically free pencil cup. You can customize this idea so many ways!

After my hubby and polished off some chips and salsa recently. . . I  saved the salsa jar to make this fun craft! Want to see how I made it?

easy-decoupage-pencil-cup-7Easy DIY Pencil Cup

Supplies Needed:

  • Short glass jar
  • Enamel/glass paint
  • Isopropyl alcohol
  • Brushes
  • Decorative paper, 2 patterns
  • Mod Podge Gloss or Satin Formula
  • Sealant spray


Remove any labels and clean your jar thoroughly. Using a rag, wipe the inside of the glass with alcohol and air dry.

easy-decoupage-pencil-cup-2 Pour paint into the jar and then use a paint brush to spread a thin coat of paint to the inside surfaces of the glass. Turn the jar upside down over a rag to allow any excess paint to drip out. Allow that coat to dry and apply another layer as needed. Dry and cure the paint according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Sometimes the glass paint can air-cure over several weeks OR can be placed in the oven to set the paint.

easy-decoupage-pencil-cup-3Cut a panel of your favorite paper to fit around the center of the jar. Cut a narrower piece of paper for another accent, if desired.

easy-decoupage-pencil-cup-4Apply a layer of Mod Podge to the outside of the jar and wrap and press the paper panel on top of it. Smooth out any bubbles as the glue dries. Apply a coat of decoupage over that paper and lay the second, smaller piece of paper on top.

easy-decoupage-pencil-cup-5Smooth out any bubbles and allow both panels of paper to dry. Brush on 1-2 more coats of decoupage over the paper to seal it. Once dry, you can protect the decoupage by flipping the jar upside down and sealing it with a clear enamel spray.

Take an old glass jar and turn it into a pencil holder with Mod PodgeUse your fun new pencil cup on your desk at home… or fill it with a bunch of pens, pencils and other supplies to give to a teacher you know!

Madigan made
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