Mod Podge photo transfer to a wood block.

Mod Podge photo transfer to a wood blockI’m a big fan of simple crafts – in fact, one of the contributors to this blog Madigan Made is a huge fan too. We love them around here! This Mod Podge photo transfer to wood is about as easy as it gets. Being able to transfer photos with Mod Podge means that you have the flexibility to personalize just about any surface you like without just about any photo you like. My favorite is photos on raw wood, just like what Crystal came up with above. It makes a great home decor piece or gift. Learn how it was done at the link below.

Photo to wood transfer tutorial at Sew Creative

Two other things that I think might tickle your fancy – my 30 Mod Podge photo transfer crafts roundup and our section of photo transfer projects. Have fun!

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