DIY Charley Harper wall art

Charley Harper Mod Podge canvas artI’ve got two things to accomplish today. First of all, I’m going to show you how to make this DIY Charley Harper wall art. Then secondly, I’m participating in the Flip-Pal mobile scanner blog hop, and that means I had to use this darling little piece of equipment to do my project:

flip palI love scanning things and making them into projects, and when this little guy arrived I got excited. Decoupage, after all, is a great craft for scanned, personalized items. Aw yeah! The other item of business was to create a beginner Mod Podge project – I mean *really* beginner. For those of you who have done decoupage before, you may roll your eyes at this one . . . but just bear with me, because there are a few newbies out there who have never used the Podge before, and this is about the easiest place to begin. EVER.

So as you can see, I did two mini-canvases featuring one of my favorite artist ever, Charley Harper. I love his work, and I own a few of his prints (lithographs) as well as this coffee table book:

IMG_3449I decided to go ahead and make some wall art with some scans from the book. Before I go on I have to say that when you scan things that are not yours, it can be for personal use ONLY. You aren’t allowed to sell them or claim them as yours. You probably already knew that, but I just wanted to make sure. So here’s how you make the canvases.

Gather These Supplies

IMG_3450I first scanned in two little illustrations from the book that I liked. I like the Flip-Pal mobile scanner because you can take the door off and turn it over. Perhaps why they call it “flip” pal? I scanned at 300 dpi, but you can scan at 600 dpi too so that you can blow the picture up.

IMG_3457Print out the images of your choice and trim them to fit the canvases. I will tell you that if you printed them on a laserjet printer, you can go ahead and decoupage them after this. For an inkjet printer, you MUST spray the sheets with a clear acrylic sealer before Mod Podging, or the ink will smear.

IMG_3458Paint the canvases with the colors of your choice.

IMG_3460Spread a medium layer of Mod Podge down on the canvas and smooth the design down to the top. My technique with canvases is to turn them over and smooth from the backside too, since the canvas is very flexible in the middle. Smooth all of the bubbles out and wait 15 – 20 minutes for drying.

IMG_3462Put a top coat on your image and then the entire canvas. Repeat for the other canvas. You are done, and wasn’t that easy?

Charley Harper Mod Podge canvas art

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  1. says

    man you are SO GREAT Amy!!!! I now what that book…. and Mod Podge.. and to meet YOU!!!

    Thank you also for being on our FaveCrafts radio show yesterday …. and look forward to being in this hop with you!

  2. Wendy Hamm says

    I’m excited to work with this new product.
    Just found your site and love it – where have you been ?? Thanks for the assistance!

  3. Melissa says

    I was waiting for something to do with fast women and drinking…you know Two & A Half Men Charlie Harper. :) Loving the portable scanner.

  4. Mary says

    It’s been years since I used the “podge”. Even used pretty napkins on the underside glass plates one time. Nice work.

  5. The Scrapbooking Queen says

    OMGosh your “beginner” project rocks and yes some newbies out their really like know how to use the Podges… I like how this flip ~ Pak scanner works a must for all us designers out there…
    The Scrapbooking Queen

  6. *reyanna klein* says

    Wow, this is really cool!

    Hey, I have a suggestion. :-) Every time you do a post, I love seeing the project you’re *about* to do, but after all the steps, I always get disappointed that you don’t show the finished product again. I just have to scroll back up to see it. Would it be too much trouble to post the finished-result at the end of a post… after all the steps? I’d just love it! I’m sure other people would appreciate it too. :-)

    Love this blog! One of my favorite things I’ve added to my Google Reader. 😀

  7. Chef Tess says

    Excited to be with you on the blog hop! Super-de-doodle excited to see more with your Mod Podge. Crazy awesome stuff!

  8. says

    Amy! this is a terrific idea using the Flip-Pal mobile scanner…it really make a clean scan especially with bulky books, etc. I love your design.

    Thanks for joing me on this blog hop–cheers and Scan Your HeART Out!
    Kathy Peterson Inspired

  9. says

    well you already know what a HUGE fan of Mod Podge I am!! I use it on everything! Melody got me hooked!! now I can’t stop using it. Love how simple and beautiful this is! Wonderful!

  10. Reflections from Granny says

    Incredible, you always amaze me at the wonderful things and ideas you share.

    This little scanner looks really neat.

    :) Lori m

  11. Kirsti says

    Now that’s weird – I just used Mod Podge for the very first time today and was well impressed!!!…Sppoky or what?…Happy New Year, Kirsti xx

  12. Melissa P says

    OMG! This is an awesome little tool/machine/crafter’s friend. Love Charley Harper too! What a genius.

  13. Jaded says

    OH!! So awesome! I have several art books I’d love to turn into canvas art for the walls in my new home, but I don’t own a scanner! Woe is me!

    Isn’t it funny how sometimes the simplest things are so wonderful, yet often overlooked??

  14. Her Art She Loves says

    So MUCH awesome, LOVE when tech and arts come together! Think of the textures and rare visuals that could be collected with this awesome scanner. WANT.

  15. Melissa and Emmitt says

    I LOVE the project you designed for us to make!
    I am excited to start mine!
    :) Melissa

  16. Becca says

    Great project. I really had no idea that they made tiny scanners like that. I’ve got the mod podge ready for a number of new nursery projects…

  17. Scrapycandy says

    This looks like a terrific project and would look wonderful on my blank wall! Thanks so much!

  18. Kylie Craftafarian says

    I just want you to know that it is because of your blog that I have ventured into mod podging and purchased my very own jar of gloss mod podge. Not sure what I’m going to do first, but THANK YOU :)

  19. kristie says

    oh Amy!! those are beauti-mas!!!!that scanner has so many possibilities!! I WANT ONE!
    I am wondering can you scan larger image then stitch them together,, like say, a 12×12 scrapbook page?

  20. Teril says

    That is such a cool device!
    I love that art book, we have the color book of his paintings and they are so fun. That is truly an amazing work of pocket art on those tiny canvas!
    I cannot wait to try out that project. My kids will be stoked to put up tiny art canvas like that with their fav pics.

  21. Olyveoil says

    You’ve given me a wonderful idea to make a collage on the outside of my newest grandchild’s baby book. I’ve had my Mod Podge for quite a while with the idea to seal in some air dry clay objects.

  22. kathy e says

    I love your little canvas! And how cool is that scanner!!! I just checked it out on Amazon and it gets absolutely fantastic reviews there too. Thank you!!!!

  23. catnap says

    I love the idea of scanning a favorite piece of artwork from a book so you can look at it every day! I can see moms choosing favorite illustrations from children’s books to make canvases for their children’s room. Neat little device.

  24. phyllisarts says

  25. Gloria Westerman says

    Oh I love this!!!! that scanner would be so cool to have….and my mind is going a hundred different direction…..the possibles are endless… bad you couldn’t scan your computer screen…..and one of the first projects would be just like yours….make your own art piece….thank you for the chance…

  26. alwayscharlie says

    I love the look of this little scanner! I hope I win one so I can have a new Pal! I really enjoyed your project. I might have to take the Mod Podge plunge and give it a try!

  27. mominco says

    Wow being a new mod podger I can see myself using this neat new nifty gadget,Drool have a lot of project ideas.
    Absolutely LOVEEE it!Thankx

  28. Mrs. O says

    Thank you, Amy! I want to make an art project life book of all my journals, scrapbooks, tickets, yearbooks, etc. I want this scanner!

  29. Vania says

    Thank you! I love, love, love the instructions for decoupaging onto canvas! I have had the supplies for months (it’s why I bought Mod Podge, and I think it’s how I found your blog), but haven’t been brave enough to start. I would love to have a flip-pal, but will try it with my Epson all-in-one for now, and send the images to FedEx Office online.

  30. Robyn Olszowy says

    Great project and thank you for showing the steps you used to create it. The Flip-Pal is a great tool.

  31. Ola says

    Love your projects…. I’m a newbie to modge podge, so I’m glad you shared the basics & I can’t wait to try it out!!!

    I hope to own one of these Flip-Pals one of these days…. oh the ideas rolling around in my head!

    Thank you for sharing!!!

    okj83 at live dot com

  32. Heather - says

    Awesome! Charley Harper is great. I can’t wait to swap wall art with you!

  33. says

    Ooh that’s pretty! Thanks for the great idea, I’ll be linking.

  34. Kate in Austin says

    Just found your blog. I have high hopes of using the Mod Podge thats been in our art cabinet for a yr. Maybe I’ll get brave & pull it out to try something new.

  35. kreativeimagination says