8 Mod Podge Easter egg crafts.

8 Mod Podge Easter Egg crafts

Easter is next week! That means you have all week to do a Mod Podge project, right? Here are some projects to get you in the mood. Eggs are easy and eggs are fun, so that is what I bring you – eight egg projects. Enjoy these Mod Podge Easter egg crafts – they are so easy that you won’t believe it!

Vintage label eggs with sparkle

Spring Easter egg basket

Perfect centerpiece (uses an egg carton)

Bunny eggs with tutorial

Williams Sonoma egg knockoff

Dollar store egg wreath

Vintage style Easter egg tree


Decoupage napkin eggs


  1. jmwebster2469 says

    I love Cadbury eggs, too! They have been my favorite since I was a little girl!

  2. pleighd221 says

  3. Wehaf says

    I love jelly beans, especially the Smuckers jelly beans. They’re insanely good!

    urchiken at gmail dot com

  4. Kris and Chelsey Sorensen says

  5. (un)Deniably Domestic says

    I love the bunny Eggs and am heading over to check out the tutorial. No time this year, but will put them on my want to-do list. My favorite Easter candy is the pastel M&Ms. Is that a cop out? I hope not. I just love how they look in the bowl and always like how they taste no matter the season. Thank you for the opportunity to win ~Kelly

    unDeniably Domestic

  6. Dollie says

    My favorite Easter Candy is the Hollow Chocolate Bunny.. For some reason they just taste so yummy.. The Vintage label eggs with sparkle are super cute!!


  7. Alison says

    I love BRACHs Jelly Beans. Only Brachs. Not Starbust, not Skittles, not Lifesavers… just BRACHs. The original flavors.

  8. Ciacchina says

    quante belle idee! io per Pasqua preparo sempre delle uova in cartapesta a strati e dentro ci nascondo i regali per i miei figli…
    ho poi un vaso di rami secchi, piuttosto contorti, a cui appendo uova di cartone e fiori di carta

  9. Heidi@TheCraftMonkey says

    I LOVE cadbury eggs & the reeses pb eggs, for the record {not that there is a record} I HATE peeps!

  10. --Amie-- says

    My favorite Easter candy is jelly beans!! So good to eat and as a bonus you can decorate with them!! :)

  11. Chantel and Michael Magistro says

  12. مونيكا says

    Great post this week! My favorite Easter time candy is definitely Cadbury Creme Eggs. Nom nom nom!


  13. Marija says

    When I was younger, I loved getting those black-and-white chocolate Kinder egg houses with 6 eggs in it and a toy in each egg :)

    I see Cadbury eggs are famous, never tried it, now I’m curious…

    spring greetings from Zagreb, Marija

    m a r i j a . 8 6 . p u p i c (majmun) g m a i l . c o m

  14. Sarah Ann says

    such cute egg projects! my favorite easter candy would be either reese’s eggs or starburst or jolly rancher jelly beans.

  15. Lady Strathconn says

    I am with Alison. Brachs Jelly Beans, only Brachs. Accept no imitations. And no black ones, yuck. My mom eats all the black ones for us.

  16. 2amscrapper says

    Lots of great ideas Here. My fav Easter candy is a Fanny May dark chocolate egg with white cream center.

  17. Colleen says

    I love the Reeces peanut butter eggs. I think it’s the egg shape, but they’re even better than the regular cups!

  18. Megan @ Megity's Handmade says

    It’s always been the Peeps for me. The fact that they only came out for Easter made it even better. In fact, to this day, I can’t buy another season of Peep’s. Only Easter Peeps for this girl!

  19. kelly says

    #1 is chocolate marshmallow eggs, the ones in the egg carton which i cannot find anywhere this year so marshmallow bunnies will have to do but #2 is definitely reeses eggs, YuMmY! they are different than a reeses cup!

  20. Rachel says

    Jellybeans! I don’t eat them at all for the rest of the year, but it wouldn’t be Easter without a jellybean binge. :)

  21. leaf and letter handmade says

    every year my mom used to find these tiny sweetart eggs that came in a teeny tiny egg carton… i loved the candy, but i really wish i could find them again to have the tiny cartons! oh the crafty possibilities.

  22. Southern Living: Preppy Style says

    My favorite are Peeps! I love Peeps and get enough of them. I was so thrilled when they came out with Christmas Peeps! I’ve been working on Mod Podge eggs this week with leftover fabric from sewing projects too.

  23. chinamomxtwo says

    Great post–need to get mod-podging (verb) LOL!!
    My fave used to be the Cadbury eggs–but now its the lindt chocolate bunnies. mmmmmm Oh Yeah

  24. Mickie says

    Have to say I love PEEPS! They are made in the valley that i live in and my grown sons swear they are best when they are stale and not so chewy. Anyway, thanks for the great ideas…

  25. Jaded says

    Such creativity!

    This is an EASY question – SweeTarts Chicks, Ducks, and Bunnies. I buy in bulk every Easter so I have enough to last me until next Easter.

    Those Cadbury mini eggs are pretty addicting too, though. :)

  26. Savannah O'Gwynn says

    ME too—LOVE Cadbury Eggs. I do not like chocolate…so I eat the outer part quickly…the inside is my fav!!

  27. faith says

    I’ll join the cadbury egg lovers (as well as the mod podge lovers)…

    thanks for another giveaway!

  28. KatieJ says

    whopper eggs, black jelly beans, and those Butterfinger eggs- chocolate eggs filled with creamy chocolate and crushed butterfinger- they are heavenly!

  29. Jenessa Phillips says

  30. Tami says

    My favorite Easter candy is Chicks and Bunnies. Kind of like orange circus peanuts but better!

    I really need to win this giveaway…just so you know.

  31. Adrie says

    My favorite is those mini eggs… I think they are a cadberry brand. So yummy and dangerous!

  32. Kathleen says

  33. Deb30906 says

    I love the Vintage Easter Egg tree. I made a tree at Halloween, but I hadn’t thought of doing one for Easter. Add something else to my to-do list. My favorite Easter treat is the Cadbury eggs also. I like the originals though, not the newer, fancier ones.
    [email protected]

  34. Blissfully Enamored says

  35. Marsha says

    Cadbury eggs chilled in the fridge! Absolute heaven. I’m going to stock up this week since “after Easter, they go away.”

  36. Stacey says

    Cadbury eggs have always made me sick to my stomach, so my parents always tried to find a good alternative for my basket. I’m not sure if they are still around, but Milky Way eggs were awesome. I didn’t feel left out when my sibling were eating their candy eggs.

  37. Bev says

  38. The Thriftress says


    Thanks for the feature! I think my fav Easter candy is peanut butter eggs! Chocolate. Peanut Butter. Two great tastes that taste great together!

  39. RevAnne says

    Reese’s Eggs for me–my favorite holiday candy all year round. Something about the peanut butter is just better in the Eggs, Trees, Hearts, Pumpkins, etc…

  40. Tracey says

    Do I have to choose just one!!!!….lol.
    All Easter chocolate is the best and I guess my fav is Lindt…mmmm….chocolate :)

  41. Lauren says

    Elmer’s Heavenly Hash Eggs … my sister ships them up from home (Louisiana) OMG they are the best. My grandfather used to swipe mine out of my Easter Basket, therefore I am now mighty protective of them.

  42. Scrapendipity says

    Don’t be grossed out…..my favorite Easter candy are the $1 a box chocolate covered marshmallow bunnies. The cheapy kind are the best!! Yum!

  43. Sjn says

    I love hollow chocolate Easter Bunnies. I like the way it breaks into pieces when you bite into it, funny huh?!
    I’m working on a Mod-Podge egg project right now! I’m in between coats waiting for it to dry. Stop by tomorrow and see my post.

  44. Twinkies says

  45. Dianne says

    Well…love the Chocolate krackle eggs from Zitner’s a Philly company and of course Peeps another company from PA-but they cheated and have all kinds of Peeps for every holiday.
    Thanks for the chance to enter your contest.

  46. Marni says

    You have made me a Mod Podge addict! Thanks so much, I just love everything about it! LOVE these Easter projects, everything is so pretty! My fave Easter treat comes from Laura Secord, their eggs filled with soft chocolate and nuts. My Mom gets them for my brother and I and our spouses every year. So sweet!

  47. The Crafteelaydee says

    love the little chocolate covered marshmallow eggs. Or I cover peeps in chocolate. The marshmallow eggs are not made as generous as they once were. They used to be the same size as an egg, now they are flat on one side. But that’s okay, I am not supposed to eat them anyway! Geesh!

  48. Bree says

    I like it all- and this site is given me some good ideas- but, yes the eggs- – - cadbury that is :)

  49. Lucytheena says

    Black jelly beans, Cadbury eggs, and marshmallow peeps for the hubby!
    I love all these ideas, I am a new ModPodge convert-the ideas on this blog are my ambrosia. Having so much fun!!

  50. Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage says

    Thank you so much for featuring my vintage style Easter tree!! What a thrill!!

  51. Post-it Note says

    I’m addicted to Cadbury eggs! They are the BEST! I must agree with Blissfully Enamored, the rare Reese’s Pieces eggs are great too. Happy Easter!

    pgmstr at gmail

  52. bermudabluez says

    As much as I love chocolate, I adore PEEPS!! In fact, I think I could potentially live on them…hahahahah!

  53. Sophia & Cameron says

    jelly beans & roasted peeps (the sugar caramelizes & hardens). The bunny eggs remind me of the giant chocolate Easter eggs in Brasil mmm…

  54. Sara says

    That’s kind of hard as I love, love, love chocolate! However, push come to shove, I’d have to say chocolate eggs. Good ole, plain chocolate eggs – made of good chocolate!

  55. Parrotts says

    Cadbury Mini Eggs! I’m also w/Stacey that Milky Way eggs were insane as well…actually, I love Easter candy more than any other holiday’s candy assortment (which reminds me…Whoppers Robin Eggs…Starburst Jellybeans, and did you know there’s Cadbury orange creme eggs now?!?)!

    Those egg carton flowers really bring back memories! :)

    [email protected]

  56. Dawn says

    White Jelly Beans. If you put a bowl of Jelly Beans out, I take all the white and red ones, and leave all the pink and green ones. LOL. My family hates me at Easter time ;)

  57. Marianne says

    My favorite easter candy–PEEPS! Even though they are now around for other holidays, I only buy them at Easter.

  58. Kristina says

  59. Jen says

    Ohhhhh Cadbury eggs…don’t even say those words! It sends me into a chocolate binge that I will NEVER feel guilty for!! That’ right…I ATE THE WHOLE BAG…just me! Soooo yummy!
    Resses eggs are pretty naughty too though. I swear they add an extra layer of peanut butter goodness in those plumpy babys! mmmmmm…thanks a lot Amy, now I want to go Easter candy shopping and the stores are closed! =)

  60. Alison says

    Are you talking Cadbury Mini Eggs, or the Creme Eggs? I love the mini eggs… they made a dark chocolate variety a couple of years ago that were to die for, but I haven’t been able to find them this year.

  61. missylou968 says

    Hi Amy! My all-time favorite Easter candy is Reece’s Peanut Butter Eggs. I don’t know what it is about them, but I could eat an entire package. I love them much more than regular Reece’s cups. I like the trees at Christmas and the pumpkins at Halloween too. Oh, and the hearts at Valentine’s day. Yummmmm. Thanks for the chance to win!

  62. celticmystyc says

  63. Terica says

  64. Practically Spent says

    Russell Stover chocolate/coconut nests with the 4 little jelly beans in them. Oh, oh, oh. This year I might make my own though.

  65. Amy says

    Peeps have been and will probably always be my favorites, but Cadbury eggs do hold a very close second now that I am an adult.

  66. andrea and heathe says

  67. Kyra says

    I LOVE Robin’s Eggs!!!! Big Whoppers covered in chocolate and candy – YUM!!! Thanks for the chance to win!

  68. Jane Jeffress Thomas says

    I love marshmellow eggs at Easter, but after Easter, I love stale Peeps.

  69. Jane Jeffress Thomas says

    I love marshmellow eggs at Easter, but after Easter I love stale Peeps.

  70. abundantlyblessed says

    I’m sooo sad because now that I can’t have milk, I also can’t have Cadbury eggs! :’( They are definately my favorite!

  71. cmjhawaii says

    I love the chocolate shaped bunnies. I don’t eat them now because they’re just too big.
    flowerpower0097 at live dot com

  72. mummalu says

    Cadbury Creme Eggs, so wrong, yet so good! Also the ones with a crunch candy shell.

    Happy Easter!

    lucywardle80 @ gmail dot com

  73. Nitasha says

    hmm…just about anything chocolate is a winner with me, but my absolute favorite Easter candy is Reeses Eggs served slightly frozen…Yumm!!!

  74. Rebecca says

    I’m a big fan of the Cadbury mini-eggs. They finally perfected the creme-to-chocolate ratio.

    rebecca (dot) essenpreis (at) gmail (dot) com

  75. Twigs @ Twiggles and Trunks says

    reeses peanut butter eggs… LOVE LOVE LOVE!


  76. orphan says

    my ultimate favorites are those dang peeps! wonderful colors, lots of sugar and they blow up wonderfully after being nuked! my kids have had more fun with peeps over the years moreso than any other candy. their momma favors russell stover maple eggs-just can’t beat the flavor!

  77. Curley Family says

  78. Robin Sanchez says

    I LOVE the cadburry chocolate with caramel inside eggs…YUUUUMMMMY!! Got some right now and I want one!!

  79. Angie Smith says

  80. Names: Joseph and Karen says

    My greatest easter temptation is the yellow bunny peeps, I like them better if they are a little stale. Weird I know.

  81. Stephanie says

    Love love love Reese’s peanut butter eggs!

    Also, love all the great egg decorating ideas!

  82. Leah the Orange says

    i loves me the mini-eggs, but Cadbury came out with another kind of creme egg, and they’re ORANGE, so they win for me! :) mmmm.

    the responses here have my mouth watering!
    (and i LOVE those awesome vintagy eggs on the tree!)

  83. Pattyjo says

    I love Solid chocolate eggs. Yes I just have to be the odd ball. LOL
    Your blog rocks! I have used and Love Modge Podge myself, but you have inspired me to try different methods and ideas. Thanks for this Blog!

  84. Jeremy and Jessica says

    Reeces peanut butter eggs! They are just so good and full of yummy peanut butter :)

  85. mauigleaux says

    I grew up in a See’s Candies house…so the divinity egg was always my traditional favorite but as my love for dark chocolate grew…dove truffle eggs have won over for my holiday delight.
    The kids and I have been up to our “bunny” ears with eggs and MP this year..so much fun!!! Mahalo & Aloha~ Mischelle
    [email protected]

  86. Cynthia says

    I have to say Cadbury Eggs (orginal and carmal), though I have managed not to eat any yet this year…a very sad perdicament.

  87. kenziekylanmom says

    You always find the cutest mod podge ideas! Do you surf the web for them or do people email them to you???

  88. Elizabeth says

  89. Miscellany says

    My favorite Easter candy is the Easter edition Peanut M & M’s! I love love love those. danielleebinion @ gmail dot com

  90. Cari says

  91. skideewink says

    The BLACK Brach’s Jelly Beans!! I know it’s gross, but I <3 them! I am making Jen-Jen’s eggs right this very min. Love your sight. And Happy Easter!

  92. Allison K. says

  93. Girlfriend says

    Wow…I was searching for ideas on how to beautify those borning plastic eggs and I came across your blog…tomorrow I will attempt to decoupage plastic easter eggs…so I will use the Mod Podge hoping it will Rock for me too…btw my favorite Easter candy is Brach’s fiesta malted easter eggs (love them)…also subscribed to your blog today…great work…wish me luck!
    [email protected]

  94. Amber says

    Peanut Butter eggs! Peeps being a close second especially when they are stale :D

    Love your blog and FB page, so fun.

  95. Lucie says

    Reese peanut butter cups in any shape or form… Love them.
    Lucie ([email protected])