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Decoupage Mirror Frame with a Pillowcase

Make a decoupage mirror frame with fabric from a pillowcase – it’s a great way to revamp an old piece and give it a bit of character.

DIY mirror with fabric and decoupage

So yesterday I showed you how I added a little flair to the top of a Target table. What I didn’t share yesterday is how I revamped a mirror with the same pillowcase! I’m so thrilled about it that I wanted to share with you today.

I had a LOT of fabric leftover from that pillowcase and nothing to do with it, so I got a mirror from Target too (seriously, this thing was under $10) and added the fabric to the edges using decoupage.

I think this table and mirror set would be perfect for a dorm room or first apartment. Or really anyone that just wants to customize their space. Here’s how I made this decoupage mirror.

Decoupage Mirror Frame

Gather These Supplies


If you don’t remember the pillowcase, here it is. I had a lot of fabric left over after the table.


This part is the same as the table as well: cut the pillowcase open on one end and prepare the fabric with Mod Podge. All you do is paint a medium layer of Podge over the top and let it dry. You’re doing this to prevent fraying when you cut it.


Here’s where things are a bit different. You’ll want to use a straight edge and craft knife to cut the fabric in long, thin strips (four of them). Make sure the width is enough to fit over the edge of the mirror.


Then set your fabric on the mirror and cut on fabric on the diagonal at each corner. It’s fine if you have fabric that overlaps the edges still.


Mod Podge the fabric down to the edges of the mirror, working your way around. Let dry. Then flip the mirror over and trim with your craft knife.

DIY mirror with fabric and decoupage

Here you go – a decoupage mirror to go with your table! It’s an easy way to revamp something old, or spend just a few bucks on something plain and jazz it up yourself. Enjoy.

Use Mod Podge and a pillowcase (yes, a pillowcase!) to decoupage a design onto a tabletop. This table revamp is really easy!
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Lauren @

Friday 7th of March 2014

Wow, this looks wonderful! Sharing your beautiful creation. :)


Wednesday 5th of March 2014

Beautiful. Love the fabric. Have a creative day. Hugs Nana