DIY earrings made with lace.

DIY earrings made with laceJustine from Sew Country Chick has found a fun way to make DIY earrings using scraps of lace! Take a peek at the tutorial below and see if it inspires you to use scraps to make your own jewelry. What else could you use besides lace?
I’ve been seeing lace jewelry around lately and love it. I have lots of lace scraps laying around from my various projects: wedding gowns, baptism dresses . .  . just your everyday sewing projects, lol!

DIY earrings made with laceThese lace earrings take just a few minutes to make and are quite pretty on Isabelle, don’t you think?

Covering the lace bits on the earrings with Mod Podge helps make them more durable and firm, and keeps the lace from unraveling.Here is how to make your own.

Materials Needed:
Lace bits
Two jump rings
Two earring pieces
Mod Podge

laceearringsCut the bits of lace the length and size you like.

earringsuppliesThen coat the lace with Mod Podge. If you do this on a plate, peel up and hang to dry. Or you can do this on aluminum foil or a Mod Podge silicone mat.

DIY earrings made with laceOnce dry, insert a jump ring into the lace and add the earring pieces. These earrings make great gifts, and you can knock out several pairs in one sitting. Use up all that trim to make a variety of handmade jewelry!

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