20 cute crafts made with Mod Melts

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20 cute crafts using Mod MeltsHave you heard of Mod Melts? If not, let me introduce them to you. You can make these fun little embellishments with Mod Podge Molds and then special sticks called Mod Melts. They do just what they sound like they do – melt into the shape of your choice depending on the mold you use! The nice thing about these little guys is that once you purchase the molds, you can make unlimited embellishments – no more paying $5 for one pack at the craft store. Mod Melts and Molds were developed by my friends Cathie and Steve for Plaid, and there’s no limit to the number of projects you can make with them: home decor, jewelry, accessories, and more! In fact, I’ve put together a collection to inspire you – so if you are wondering how to use the Melts, all you need to do is click through my slideshow to find out. So check out these ideas and let me know . . . which one is your favorite?


  1. Tabatha Malliard says

    Love mod podge melts! They have really helped with our summer plan of one project a day all summer long!