20+ unique ways to use Fabric Mod Podge

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20+ unique ways to use Fabric Mod PodgeI was looking through my analytics the other day (don’t fall asleep yet) and I noticed that a lot of you are curious about something – you want to know how to use Fabric Mod Podge, aka, Mod Podge Fabric formula. You know, the stuff in the blue bottle:

mod-podge-fabric-8oz-6Since I like to keep all of you happy, here are over 20 ways to use this amazing formula! A lot of people think it’s only for attaching fabric to fabric, but you can do so much more with it. I use it to prepare fabric for furniture, to attach fabric to wood, for accessories, for shoes and more! If you do attach fabric to fabric it’s washable, which is pretty amazing. And if you attach fabric to something else, this formula is very durable (more so that the original formulas). Let me know what you think, and I have to ask – which Fabric Mod Podge project will you try first?


  1. barbara macaskill says

    Love me some Mod Podge for fabric!!! I have made shirts for my grandsons, onesies for my granddaughter and even shirts for my hubby and sons!!! Such a versatile and fun product to work with because I can do ANYTHING with my Mod Podge products!!!! Thanks for all the great ideas!

    • says

      Oh my gosh… sorry for the caps. It looks like I’m screaming my head off. That’s what I get for not paying attention. 😛

  2. Betty Melrose says

    I have been putting fabric on glass plates with matte and gloss Mod Podge and am having trouble with finish.
    Would Fabric MP work better? Do you sell it and how much is it.
    I have been using Mod Podge for years doing decoupage and love it !!!!
    Thank you.

    • says

      Hi Betty – what problems are you having? Fabric Mod Podge is the same consistency so won’t work any better.

  3. Brenda says

    I bought a lampshade last year at a thrift shop and I’ve been pondering on what to do with it. Thanks for the great idea! Definitely buying some fabric mod podge this weekend! :)

  4. Karen says

    So what is the difference between Fabric Mod-Podge and regular Mod-Podge. I’ve been using the regular stuff on fabric for years without a problem.

    • says

      Hi Karen! This is from my FAQ:
      Do I HAVE to use Fabric Mod Podge, or can I use the Original formula?

      Fabric Mod Podge is really tough, very durable AND it’s washable. So I always use it for projects that need to be durable – like clothing, accessories and furniture. If you are just Mod Podging fabric to letters and hanging them on the wall, you don’t need to use Fabric Mod Podge.

      If you are using Mod Podge on fabric-to-fabric (for instance, gluing a patch to a shirt) then yes, you should use Fabric Mod Podge because it is washable.

    • says

      Audrey – maybe. You could try an upholstery needle. It really depends on the fabric. I’d give it a whirl with a strong needle and just assume you might break it (also go slowly).


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