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Decorate a Clipboard with Teabags

Learn how to decorate a clipboard with teabags and Mod Podge! It’s very easy to do – very budget friendly, and makes a unique gift.

Decorate a Clipboard with Teabags

I was more than delighted when I found Angela’s teabag clipboard on Tea With Friends. It turns out that Angela and I have a lot in common: we both love tea and Mod Podge.

In terms of cost, it doesn’t get any cheaper. These type of clipboards can be found at the $1 store, and I’m assuming you already have Mod Podge (a safe assumption, no?).

If you are not a tea drinker, well, you obviously need to start. This project is so easy to make – just save the wrappers from your tea, cut the fronts off and Mod Podge them to a clipboard. Let dry and give two sealing coats and you are done.


Sunday 15th of April 2012

I clicked on the link to learn how to do this project and since I'm not "invited" I'm unable to see it... any ideas?

Amy Anderson

Monday 16th of April 2012

Hi Jolie! The author must have closed her blog. But to make it, you would use tea wrappers like paper - watch my video at for the frame, and the process is the same!


Monday 8th of February 2010

I have been looking at this site and find it to be really helpful. I would greatly appreciate any help.

Really Rainey

Saturday 4th of July 2009

What a great idea.. sometimes I really dislike throwing away some of the cook tea bag wrappers...

Have a wonderful weekend and a fabulous 4th! ~Really Rainey~

Cass @ That Old House

Friday 3rd of July 2009

Terrific idea - makes a great hostess give, too!

Thanks... Cass


Friday 3rd of July 2009

Brilliant! I saw the title of your posting and was very intrigued, but the finished result is clever and unique. Great job.

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