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Mod Podge Shoes with One of These Genius Ideas

Mod Podge shoes are a great way to revamp your wardrobe on a budget. Here are 20 inspirational ideas – pick your favorite DIY decoupage shoes project and get crafty!

Don’t forget to scroll down to the bottom of the post to get a bonus video for adding a no sew cuff to boots with Mod Podge.

Skills Required: Advanced Beginner. I believe it’s probably best to have some experience with Mod Podge given that you’re going to have to work around the shape of shoes and seams.

20+ Unique Ways to Mod Podge Shoes

You are going to laugh – I’ve only Mod Podged shoes a few times – once for my book, Mod Podge Rocks. BUT I have a pair of heels as we speak that are ready to be Podged.

Decoupage Shoes

There are so many reasons to Mod Podge shoes. You can customize them to fit your personality, you’re upcycling, AND it’s the perfect budget craft.

Before we dig in, you might have some questions about decoupage shoes, and I’m more than happy to answer them.

Learn how to decoupage shoes

FAQ for Decoupage Shoes

What Can I Mod Podge on Shoes?

I’ve seen it all, my friends – napkins, fabric, paper. I’ll say that cotton or cotton blend fabrics work better than poly fabrics in my opinion. I’m also not a big fan of silk or felt because it discolors and gets a weird texture.

I always go for medium weight or thinner when Mod Podging shoes because you have to go around a lot of round edges.

You’ll see in the tutorials below that some people use very thin items, even napkins, to decoupage shoes. If that’s the case, keep in mind that you might be able to see the background through the item when you Mod Podge it down (so you might want to paint your shoes white or use white shoes).

Collage of shoes

Which Formula Do I Use?

If I had to choose one formula, it would be Fabric Mod Podge. It’s highly water resistant (just like Mod Podge Outdoor), and it’s made for bonding fabric to fabric, which is a likely scenario if you are going to decoupage shoes.

Outdoor Mod Podge is a close second, but it’s thicker and therefore harder to work with. Technically you can use the regular formulas (Gloss or Matte), but those aren’t made for exposure to water so you need to seal them very well.

How Do I Seal Them?

If you use Fabric Mod Podge you can leave them as-is. It might take awhile for them to fully cure and the tackiness to go away, especially depending on the climate you live in.

Therefore I’m a big fan of spraying or brushing on a clear acrylic sealer in the finish of your choice (Gloss, Satin, or Matte). Minwax Polycrylic is a big favorite with a lot of people. You can really use anything – just make sure it’s clear, and acrylic.

I always do it because hey, there’s nothing wrong with making the shoes even more durable.

Can I Make them Waterproof?

To make them completely waterproof, you’ll need an additional sealer that is completely waterproof. Buy something from the hardware store like an engine enamel or something similar that is clear. Mod Podge is highly water resistant but not waterproof; learn more here.

Are you ready to jump into the tutorials??

Mod Podge Shoes

Some of these decoupage shoes are easier than others (go for glitter if you’re a newbie to Mod Podge) but all are amazing. I can’t wait to Mod Podge my own shoes and share with you. In the meantime, enjoy these 20 Mod Podge shoe projects!

1. Summer Wedges

Revamp garage sale wedges with fabric and Mod Podge

Turn old wedges into new ones with a bit of fabric and Mod Podge. Mandy got these from a garage sale for $1!

2. Glittered Toe

Instead of throwing away an old pair of kicks, learn how to revamp them with Mod Podge and glitter in this decoupage shoes project!

Don’t throw those old flats away – instead, add a design of your choice to the toe with glitter! We decided to add a heart.

3. Comic Book Napkins

How to decoupage napkins to shoes

I’d never seen napkins decoupaged to shoes before this project! Love them – and love that they are comic book napkins to boot.

4. Glittered Booties

DIY glittered boots with Mod Podge

The type of glitter used here makes these decoupage shoes some of the most spectacular I’ve ever seen! What do you think?

5. Fabric Toes

Fix the toes of children's shoes with fabric and Mod Podge

If kids wear out the tips of the toes on their shoes, you can make them new again with fabric and Podge.

6. Fabric Covered Sneakers

DIY Fabric Covered Sneakers

Not only does Cathie Mod Podge shoes with fabric, but she adds a fantastic sequin trim around the edge. They look amazing!

7. Floral Boots DIY

Floral Boots DIY

You don’t have to cover an entire pair of shoes in fabric and Mod Podge – sometimes just a little peeking out looks nice, too.

8. Glitter Sneaks

How to glitter shoes with Mod Podge

I love that these are glitter Mod Podge shoes – with a little bit of added heart. Think of all of the colors of glitter you could use with this method . . .

9. Comic Heels

Comic Book Heels

Make boring solid color heels look fun and interesting with your favorite comics – then wear them to ComicCon.

10. Confetti Dipped

These DIY confetti dipped shoes are so fun! They are perfect for back to school, game days, or any other time you are feeling saucy or want to celebrate!

Okay, so maybe you wouldn’t wear these every day, but they are unusual and cool, so I feel like you need to see them.

11. Just the Heel

Glitter the heel of a pair of shoes with Mod Podge

Glitter and Mod Podge are the perfect craft supplies for fixing up scraped heels. These Mod Podge shoes would be perfect for a wedding, elegant party, or New Years!

12. Fabric and Thumbtacks

Mod Podge shoes with decorative thumbtack elements

The fabric and thumbtacks that cover the edges of these wedges provide a nice contrast and a little extra flair.

13. Blue Tips

Paint the tips of a pair of flats

Turn plain black shoes into summer ready flats with a bit of paint and Mod Podge. I just love the pop of blue neon.

14. Fabric Flats

DIY Fabric Flats with Mod Podge

A pair of flats gets a fun summer makeover with Ashley’s favorite fabric. If you want to try Mod Podge shoes, these are a great place to start.

15. Fall Boot Overhaul

DIY fall boots with fabric and Mod Podge

Fabulous fall boots get a floral makeover with some pretty fabric. You can decoupage shoes that are faux leather or real leather – both work!

16. Map Tennies

Mod Podge paper maps on shoes

You can Mod Podge paper to shoes as well – that is exactly what Mandy does with these maps.

17. Fun Florals

Mod Podge shoe makeover with fabric

Decoupage is perfect for making plain heels coordinate with an outfit, like Amy did with her dress.

18. Floral and Gems

Flats decoupaged with fabric

I love the fabric that Cathie chose for these flats, and also the addition of tiny gems as embellishments.

19. R2-D2 Heels

DIY R2-D2 Star Wars heels with glitter

These nerdy R2 unit heels are perfect for channeling the force. Then you just need to wear them with something here.

20. Ruffle Flat Re-Do

Shoe re-do: red ruffle flat with Mod Podge

These Mod Podge shoes not only got a fabric makeover, but the addition of bright ruffles is super fun!

21. Plain Pump Revamp

Mod Podge pumps and add lace

Everyone has a pair of boring black pumps – give them new life with fabric and lace.

Which pair of Mod Podge shoes is your favorite? I’d love to know in the comments! Also for the bonus video – just click play on the video in this post!

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Sunday 13th of October 2013

Hi, Im completely new to this - stumbled across it when looking on how to upstyle my wedding shoes. Can you do paper on satin shoes? If so what products would I need to get started.? I really want original wedding shoes - that little be of the quirky me hiding under my traditional dress :-)


Sunday 13th of October 2013

Hi Shell! I don't recommend paper on Satin - fabric would work. So I'd use fabric, any type of Mod Podge (gloss or matte) and then some brush on sealer.


Thursday 26th of September 2013 these!...want to cover beat up pleather...yes.pleather cowboy boots, w question do I make them last...they will be worn in all weather and worn hard (not like a cute pair of dress shoes)....what if anything will make them durable in autumn/winter weather...thanks for the great tutorials....please send me an email as I may not b able to look here for a response


Tuesday 23rd of July 2013

Hi. I want to make fabric shoes with fabric for my wedding. i got these shoes on sale and the are man-made satin. will the modge podge work?


Tuesday 23rd of July 2013

Hi Danielle! I think so - but you need to do a small test in the least visible area possible. The reason I say that is because I'm not sure what "man made" satin entails. :D Good luck!


Friday 19th of April 2013

i purchased the fabric Mod Podge is that ok to do comic book shoes with?


Thursday 18th of April 2013

im want to try the comic book heels and was wondering before i start this project will the shoes get ruin in the rain and my other concern is what should i seal the shoe with after completing it. one last thing there are several types of Mod Podge which one should i use



Thursday 18th of April 2013

Use Outdoor Mod Podge - seal with spray outdoor sealer when done :D

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