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Recycled Holiday Christmas Card Decor

I never know what to do with old holiday cards. With a little Mod Podge, you can turn them into recycled holiday Christmas card decor!

Recycled Holiday Christmas Card Decor

Hi, I’m Becky from Liberate Creativity, and honored that Amy asked me to make a guest appearance on Mod Podge Rocks.

The truth is, Amy has it right, Mod Podge certainly does rock . . . here’s a recent project to show you why . . .

We get a LOT of Chrimstas cards each year! I love reading them and hanging them up . . . yadda, yadda, yadda. But the question is . . . what do you do with them with the holiday season is over????

Ummm . . .why not make ALL of them a holiday decor piece for the next years to come???? Recycled holiday Christmas card decor!

What to Do with Old Christmas Cards

Supplies Needed

Bottle of Mod Podge Matte and a foam brush

Grab some Mod Podge and brushes.

two piles of Christmas cards

Separate your holiday cards into two piles: those that need to stay open to be readable, and those that do not. You can also just have one pile of cards if you only want to keep the fronts and not the messages inside. I’ll leave that up to you!

Glue the Christmas cards down

Glue each card down to the canvas. Remember to only glue to the bottom of the cards down if you want the cards to be open and viewable.

Christmas cards glued down to a canvas

Once all the cards are glued down, it’s time to Mod Podge the cards.

Brush Mod Podge on your holiday cards

When spreading layers of Mod Podge, be gentle with your strokes and careful with the cards you want to remain viewable. If you’re sealing everything closed, brush a few layers of Mod Podge over the canvas and let dry between coats.

Apply Mod Podge to the canvas

I spread one thick coat of Mod Podge over each card, let dry 20 minutes, and then applied a second coat.

Christmas newsletters in the back of the canvas

Oftentimes we get family newsletters, and since I don’t want to throw those away either – I tape them into the back of the canvas!

Recycled Holiday Christmas Card Decor

Make a new piece of Christmas card decor each year! What a cool memory for the holidays. Let me know if you try this in the comments!

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Tuesday 11th of December 2012

AWESOME!!! I have always wanted to do something with the cards!!! U rock!!! Thanks!! Super excited!!


Friday 9th of December 2011

I love that. I, too, use Mod Podge to recycle Christmas cards into placemats. We have had ours for over 20 years, and I make some every few years for gifts.


Thursday 8th of December 2011

Great way to enjoy your cards longer than 1 quick reading!


Thursday 8th of December 2011

Oooh, I love the idea of a canvas for anniversary cards! It'd also be great for some of your fav kids bday cards over the years! See, this is why I adore many creative people! Thanks for the idea!

Daniele Valois

Thursday 8th of December 2011

this turned out way cute!

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