Decoupage a patchwork stool

Decoupage a patchwork stoolI have to admit – I love decorating stools. I’ve done it many times before, and I never get tired of it! I wanted to decorate a stool for my new place; something a little different and brighter than what I’ve done before. I’d say this patchwork stool fits the bill. I patchworked paper on the top and attached it with Mod Podge, then I painted neon on the legs to coordinate. It’s so fun and one of my favorite projects ever (of course, until my next project)!  If you want to learn how I decorated this wood stool, learn how below.

Gather These Supplies

IMG_3252The first thing I did was paint the unfinished wood stool with white acrylic paint. Paint the entire thing with several coats and let dry. Then measure up several inches on each leg and tape them off.

I’m going to be honest, taping off round legs wasn’t easy for me. If anyone has any suggestions, I’d love to hear them. I just taped all the way around and then used pieces of painter’s tape to fill in.

IMG_3426Now you’re going to colorblock the legs. Paint several layers of the pink neon paint onto the legs, and then remove the painter’s tape. Touch up in the areas you need to and let dry.

IMG_3136Choose the papers that you are going to patchwork. These next few steps you have to listen carefully . . . so go back to your elementary school days (assuming you were a good listener; if you weren’t nevermind).

IMG_3137You need to cut your paper into 32, 2-inch squares. The paper cutter makes this really easy . . . but you can also use a craft knife and ruler if you don’t have a paper cutter. Once you are done, use Scotch tape to make 4 row of 6 paper squares, and 2 additional rows of 4 squares. Tape on the BACK of the paper.

IMG_3140My cutting wasn’t perfect, so I had to trim down the paper strips to the 2″ width to make them fit together nicely. You can still do this with a ruler and craft knife.

IMG_3251Turn the strips over and tape them all together to make a large mat. Tape the strips of 4 paper squares at each end.

IMG_3267Make a pattern of your stool using the tracing paper. You lay the tracing paper over the top of the stool and rub around the edge with the pencil to create your pattern. Then place it on top of the patchwork and use the painter’s tape to attach it. Cut the circle using the scissors.

IMG_3269Add Mod Podge to the top of the stool – add a lot – and smooth down the patchwork paper on top of the stool. Smooth carefully and wipe away any decoupage medium that squeezes out the side.

IMG_3270Once it’s dry (15 – 20 minutes), decoupage over the top with Mod Podge and let dry. Let dry and give it a few more coats.

Decoupage a patchwork stoolI have the coolest stool in the world right now! Or at least the coolest stool in my condo, which is good enough for me.


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    Awesome job at keeping the scrapbook paper extremely smooth when attaching it to the stool. I find that to be the hard part when using Mod Podge, as I often get air bubbles along the way. Any advice?

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      Hi Allie! I have some videos here – – check them out. It’s easier than you think!