DIY wreath Christmas kids’ craft

DIY wreath Christmas kids' craftIf you are wondering how to get children in on the Mod Podge holiday action, I have the perfect Christmas kids’ craft for you – this DIY wreath. So easy – so sparkly! It uses a beloved formula that doesn’t get quite enough attention around here: Sparkle Mod Podge. The little ones may need some assistance with the cutting and gluing, but the Mod Podging is for every level (it’s kid safe!). You aren’t going to believe how easy this is.

Gather These Supplies

Cut or rip the fabric into long strips at least 12″. Paint the backs with a medium layer of Mod Podge.

Here’s a little tip. I use Gloss Mod Podge to glue things down and put Sparkle on the top. You don’t have to do this; Sparkle glue things down too – but I like to preserve my Sparkle MP!

Wrap the wreath with the strips. You may find out you need more Mod Podge, so add it. Especially at the beginning and ends of the strips.

Once the strips have covered the wreath form, let them dry and add the “schparkle” on top. Let that dry.

DIY wreath Christmas kids' craftGlue embellishments like felt holly leaves and buttons – and of course, a ribbon on the back to hang. This wreath is a favorite Christmas kids’ craft of mine. My next venture is to tackle it in winter form – blues, silvers. Your kids are going to have a blast (and you might even have a little fun yourself).

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