Storybook dresser

Mod Podge storybook dresserWhen I was little, my grandmother started a Beatrix Potter music box collection for me. I loved them, and I used to read the books too. How did that little girl grow up into someone who loves Fast and the Furious? There’s still a dainty little part of me though – a part that loves Benjamin Bunny and soft pastels. That part of me loves this dresser, and I really love the base color that Briana chose. The Beatrix Potter panels coordinate nicely. The tutorial is no longer available because the blog is no longer available, but to learn more about how to do a similar project, check out my roundup 15 ways to decoupage a dresser.



  1. Della says

    naww thats so cute! Im not a fan of green of any sort, yet I love it!! Bunnies and pastels…very sweet :-)

  2. says

    For my first born I wanted to design the nursery with Beatrix potter but I didn’t due to other reasons(my husband). This would’ve been perfect for the room.:)