Decorate a chest with decoupage

Mod Podge dresser and magazine filesAn image of a traditional dresser decoupaged onto a modern dresser . . . if someone asked me to picture it, I don’t know if I could. After seeing it, I’m completely sold! I LOVE this idea from the creative talent at Martha Stewart. If you have a dresser in need of a revamp, I encourage you to use this idea as your solution. It takes some time to get the graphics made, but the results are well worth it. Take a peek at the tutorial on Martha’s site, and while you are making a dresser, don’t forget to make some magazine files as well.

Decoupage chest and magazine file at Martha Stewart


  1. says

    Very fun, in a sort of “This is not a Pipe” Magritte kind of way. I’m so impatient with decoupage, I wonder how long it takes for something like this to dry?

    It’s those shedding black cats of mine, having a pet free room seems to be critical with decoupage and space is always at a premium. But I’d love to tackle a big project some day.

  2. librarianism says

    This is very cool. Where would you get such a large image? Print it out in pieces and then assemble them?