Using Mod Podge to make DIY glass clings

Using Mod Podge to make DIY glass clingsI really think you are going to like this post. I’m not just fancying myself, I really do. It was a fun to use Mod Podge for something other than gluing down – I actually made Mod Podge DIY glass clings that you can put on any vase or in any window. The supplies are so minimal, I had everything laying around the house. Can you say budget crafting at its finest? I hope you’ll make many and stick them all over everything. I highly recommend it. Here’s how they are made.

Gather These Supplies

IMG_3220Lay your leading blank down on a surface. Pour some Mod Podge onto your leading blank. This is not a very scientific method, and by not very I mean not at all.

IMG_3221Squeeze some paint (used Apple Barrel Parakeet) into the Mod Podge. Stir it around with a brush.

IMG_3222Spread the Mod Podge out onto the leading blank. I found it was easiest with a palette knife.

IMG_3224Look mom, I’m doing Snow White and Black too! I’m on a roll!

IMG_3226Let your Mod Podge/paint mess dry overnight. Look at the green (that is several greens together). How fun, right?

IMG_3262Use a scrapey-doo tool to lift the Mod Podge/paint off of the leading blank. It will peel right off!

IMG_3261Here are some glass votives. These are going to look different in a minute.

IMG_3264There are three methods for cutting your Mod Podge/paint clings. Craft knife – although I learned a big lesson. Take the Mod Podge/paint OFF of the leading blank before cutting it. Or you will cut the leading blank. You can cut on a mat with your craft knife.

IMG_3265Another method is a hole punch. It makes great polka dots, snow and Christmas ornaments.

IMG_3275Die cutter . . . can you believe this works? I rolled this stuff right through my Sizzix Big Shot and it cut like a dream!! This is how I decorated the vase in the large photo.

IMG_3263Apply the cut shapes to the glass with your fingers. If you are having trouble with the sticking, either exhale onto your cling shape or heat slightly with a hair dryer.

Using Mod Podge to make DIY glass clingsCheck out the holiday ones I did  – Christmas lights with snow, and then a Christmas tree with hole punched ornaments. I’m picturing Mod Podge clings all over Mod Podge Command Central, so that it looks like a circus rather than a place to live. I had a blast doing it – what do you think?


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  1. Eileen Hull says

    Amy- this is so very cool! I am Mod Podging candles as we speak- will send pix later :-) You have created a monster!

  2. Melissa P says

    Sheesh! My To Do List just keeps growing. I’m absolutely going to be doing this one!!

    Oh, and I’m ready to run away and join the Mod Podge Circus. Any openings?

  3. Speckled Kat says

    Very neat idea! I must add this to my list of all the awesome ideas you have given me! I LOVE modge Podge!

  4. BizCrafter says

    Thisworks great with just paint itself, my mom did this a few years ago and decorated all her flower vases to match each of her rooms,she even did her kitchen window, and had all her friends wanting cute cling decorations theirselves. really cheap and fun too:):) gotta love paint!!!

  5. catnap says

    I was just in a craft store the other day looking at seasonal window clings and getting sticker shock – even at half-price – and wishing there was a way to make my own. Wow. You’re awesome, Amy. I love these, and I love what you chose to do with them in your photos. I also just put up some gel clings that I actually did purchase (around the 4th of July) that say, “Celebrate!” in honor of DS’ birthday. It would be fun to spell out other words with this techniques. Thanks so much.

  6. Darcy says

    What a great idea! I wonder if you could stamp an image in the goo when it is just dry enough to not blend back together? Have to try this next week.

  7. Lady Arwen of the Silver Rose says

    Note to Darcy…
    I found that if I make a puddle of hot melt glue, then ‘ink’ a rubber stamp with clear embossing ink, I can stamp it quite clearly into the hot melt glue as it starts to set up. Then I can paint or glaze it later to add color. I haven’t tried that w/ Mod Podge but I bet it would work.

  8. Tamara says

    I have done something similar with plain white glue, but have never thought to run it through a die cutter. Genius.

    • Summer_Dahlia says

      I wish I had a reply, but I’d like to know the answer to that question, too–what can I use instead of a leading blank?

  9. says

    Mod Podge does rock! Love this cling tutorial. I had no idea mod podge could do that!
    p.s. i just read your post on ‘big girl panties’ over at crafterminds. great encouragement for newbies like me.

  10. PEACHES says

    WOW! You nailed it! I have been wondering for YEARS “when is someone going to come up with DIY window clings?” and here you are! YOU DONE IT!

    Excellent stuff. Cant wait try it out!

  11. Aubrey says

    Can anyone tell me what a leading blank is and what it’s used for? Is there any thing else I could use for this project instead?

  12. says

    Hey Aubrey!

    Leading blanks are plastic with a coating so you can peel off the Mod Podge. I’m guessing that wax paper would work, or any thicker plastic.

  13. creativejewishmom/sara says

    ooooh ahhhhh! This is great Amy!So many possibilities especially for those of us who don’t have access to decal vinyl! Thanks so much for sharing on Craft Schooling Sunday.xoxoxoSara

  14. Robbie says

    Wow, I love this! I’m wondering if you could use Mod Podge glitter to make those items look even more glitzy!

  15. kate says

    I have a REAL challenge for ya….HOW could I create a cling like these from a picture? Scanning, printing on something……….I have no knowledge, but I really want to do it…….oh, like a black outline, that I could paint in the colors on the flattened Mod Podge? Your expertise is needed here :)

  16. Anonymous says

    Gallery Glass Leading Blanks? Could I use a flexible cutting sheet like the ones you’d buy in the super stores 4 or 5 to a pack? Have some on hand for using with a craft knife in scrapbook kit and color coded in the kitchen for meats and veggies. JH

  17. Danielle says

    This is so awesome! Are they easy to remove and replace? Like traditional window clings?

  18. says

    Thanks everyone! Hi Danielle – yes they are easy to remove and replace. Although I have to worn you that the longer they are in the window with the sun blazing on them, the more brittle they get and you have to do a little more work to remove them. This is true for regular window clings as well. 😀 Thanks!

  19. says

    Hi Anonymous! Yes, you could use one of those – you just won’t want to cut directly on that mat with an X-Acto unless you don’t mind cutting it up. Otherwise, you can use those cutting sheets and then peel up the Mod Podge and cut with scissors – or even cut with an X-Acto on a piece of glass 😀

  20. Kathy54 says

    Now that is SO cool. I found ModPodge when it first came out. I had use Varathane previously and this was MUCH neater. However, I just found your post and am thrilled to see all the new items. I don’t know why I was so anaware! Anyway, I’ll try some of the clings. I’m loving crafting with what I have on hand!

  21. Anne-Marie says

    Hi . you’ve inspired me to dust off my container of Mod Podge that I’d bought years ago! Well done.

  22. says

    en somme si j’ai bien compris c’est pratiquement la même chose que d’utiliser les windows color – j’aime l’idée de la découpe à la big shot – et je vais tenter de mettre des paillettes pour
    rajouter à une carte.. merci pour l’idée !

  23. Anonymous says

    Can I use ModPodge to transfer a picture onto glass? is so which one of the line of MP and how would I go about doing it?
    Thank you very much,

  24. joy says

    looove this…planning what i can make for my grandchildren to play with on my patio door. they were thrilled with the Christmas ones i had, bought, taking them off and on and playing forever with them. shapes, letters, faces….oh the ideas!!!! thank you.
    just found your site… loove

  25. Jerry says

    Hmm I would like to try using alcohol inks instead of paint. Since it is semitransparent maybe I could achieve a stained glass look.

  26. Martha l says

    Looks very fun! Are the clings removable or do they become permanent wherever you put them?

    • says

      They are removable! Though if you leave them for a LONG time, they become dry and break when you pull them off.