Paper beads made from . . . paper

Paper Beads Scrapbook Mod Podge Mod Podge paper beadsDid you know that you can make paper beads using Mod Podge? You can, and boy are they easy. They are also very budget friendly and great for gifts. The first picture is from Cathie Filian, and she turned the beads into a necklace. Visit her post here. Then head to My Creative Way to see Raychel’s complete bracelet tutorial using the beads shown in picture two – it’s right here.


  1. Holly says

    I have been working on paper beads for yeah…they were supposed to be Xmas presents..maybe next year. Time just got away from me, but they are easy to make and really cool looking.

  2. McAngie says

    I remember making these when I was little. My Mom would cut up newspaper and roll them up and we’d add little beads in between the paper beads and shazaam! A cute necklace!

  3. schnuckiputzi says

    I make and sell a lot of jewelry made from these. Old comic books make very colorful beads. I tend to make a long rectangular shape with a “forked tongue” ending to make a tube-shaped bead with reinforced edges, helpful if you make cuffs or other bracelets that have elastic cord putting pressure on the ends. ‘Real Simple’ magazine pages are heavy and colorful, also one of the best for using. Great stuff!!

  4. lightingtheweb says

    I remember making the paper beads in high school, many, many years ago. (Pre mod Podge) we used Elmers glue. They were darling.

  5. pam says

    It is so much fun to see these again! I was wondering when they would resurface! My great grandmother taught me to make these! But NEVER is such cool colors! I have just the perfect old book to use that I bought at the bins just for the colorful pages!

  6. Mudhut says

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  7. says

    I recently found a couple strands of paper beads at a flea market. They had a shellac finish on them, so I’m assuming they were made in the pre-Mod Podge era. Mod Podge is much easier to work with than shellac! I might have to give these a try…..