A lil’ endtable re-do. Furniture upcycle!

Mod Podge table

I always get the funny tingles when I get to share a project that I did with you. It makes me so happy! Here’s one of my latest – a Mod Podge table. I found this endtable and took a before picture – dusty, kind of boring. The second photo is what I did to it! I hope you like it. Below are the instructions. I’d love to see any of your furniture re-dos, by the way. You know how I love them!

Supplies and Tools

FolkArt Acrylic Paint – Teal, Glazed Carrots, Magenta, Sky Blue
Mod Podge Hard Coat
Scrapbook paper of your choice – 2 sheets (I used Carolyn Gavin Greenhouse papers from K and Company)
1” Flat paintbrush
Craft glue
Scalloped Edge Scissors
1 ½” wood knob

Note: Correspond the paint colors to your scrapbooking papers, like I did! Also, if your table starts out really dark and you are painting with light colors, I suggest basecoating with White to limit the number of coats you have to paint.

1. Using the paint brush, basecoat the top of the table Glazed Carrots, the sides and legs of the table Teal and the bottom shelf Sky Blue. You will need several coats of all colors. Allow to dry.
2. While the table is drying, select two pieces of scrapbooking paper and measure the size you will need. Cut the correct shape and size out of two different (but coordinating) sheets of paper with the scalloped edge scissors. Set aside.
3. Glue the papers down to the table (top and shelf) using Mod Podge. Allow to dry at least 15-20 minutes.
4. While the paper is drying, paint the knob Magenta. Allow to dry and glue to the front of the table using craft glue. Allow knob to dry.

Before and after Mod Podge end tableCoat the entire table with at least two coats of Mod Podge. Allow to dry for at least 48 hours before using.

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  1. Ashlee says

    OOH! I love it! I’m still too chicken to start on the dreaded Disney furniture. Thank you for the inspiration. By the way, I love your sleek new look. Fancy!

  2. says

    Wow, a whole blog on mod podge! I just recently bought my first bottle and am still trying to figure out how it is different from Elmer’s glue. I will have to read some more! saw you at Kimba’s. :)

  3. amybluestar says

    Thanks again everyone, for the positive comments.

    Ashley – MP is different from Elmer’s because it is a glue, sealer AND finish. MP is a stronger formula and also has the varnish properties that Elmer’s doesn’t have. Over the long haul, regular glues yellow and lose their adhesive properties. To use them as a varnish doesn’t work long term because they wear away.

    Okay – I’m done talking now 😀

  4. Andy Porter says

    I’m not sure too many people got to see your fun makeover, so I reposted it in my Refashioned Friday segment today. Hope that’s OK!

  5. Bella says

    No matter how many times I come back to this page I can’t see the “after” picture…just the “before.”

  6. says

    Hi flarffy – The reason is to seal the project; just like polyurethane! Painting with craft paint gives a slightly chalky finish. When you Mod Podge, you smooth the finish, seal the paint (keep it from marking) and, like you suggested, make it match! Try a sample and you’ll see the difference.

    I don’t use a foam brush because I don’t mind brush marks, but if you don’t want brushstrokes, use a foam brush. I use cheap paintbrushes and they work just fine for me. 😀

    Once you get a project going, please e-mail me for tips! I’d love to chat with you further!!!

  7. coco says

    Oh Amy, this is so cute and wrinkle free! I mod-podged 2 little tables this week with the hard coat formula and they look like they’ve got loose saran wrap over the top of them! I followed all your instructions – I even watched your videos – twice! The good news is that this time I didn’t have the same problem I typically do, which is that sticky tackiness after the project dries, so thank you for that. I’m really hoping I don’t have to redo this project!

    • says

      Hi Coco! The two most important things:
      1) Use enough MP – more is better than not enough (make sure you can see the surface is white).
      2) wait the 15 minutes to dry.

      Other than that, what kind of paper did you use (or fabric?). Not all paper can be Mod Podged 😀

    • coco says

      Hi again!

      Well, I hadn’t thought of the problem being the paper! It has kind of a thicker, almost handmade quality – got it at World Market. It SAYS it’s wrapping paper, but idk, I think it seems more like shelf liner or something…

      It’s flattened out a little bit over the last couple of weeks, but still has some little wrinkles. SIGH…not sure what to do.

      Thanks for your help. You have an awesome blog!

  8. says

    Love that.. Doing my first MP project next week. I bought a metal and wook cheap table and chairs at a yard sale. MP the top and spray painting the metal parts. Cant wait to get started. You have been a great help getting me started.

  9. Tiffany says

    I have a Littke bedside table that I was just going to paint for my niece’s room. After seeing yours, I went and got all the supplies and now I’m going to paint and MP the top and the shelf. Can’t wait! Thanks for the inspiration!

  10. Debra says

    Hi, I have a question for you, but first I want to tell you how much I have enjoyed and learned from you and how beautiful your projects turn out. I can’t say the same for mine. So my question is after you have applied your paper (picture) and have applied a coat of the mod podge I find that when I run my hand over the picture I can fill the edges. Is this normal or am I suppose to sand them down a little to that they won’t lift up. I don’t think they will lift up but I don’t like that you can feel the edges. Is this normal? If not how do I get rid of that? Please advise.
    Thank you
    [email protected]