DIY sparkle Toms shoes

DIY sparkle Toms shoesI’m going to be honest with you – when I first saw Tom’s shoes it was like the first time I saw Birkenstocks. I thought “ewww” to myself. But I think it was just out of fear of something new, because now I find them so cute and I want a striped pair. How could I have been so foolish? My friend Ashley revamped her daughter’s pair with glitter and Mod Podge, and now they are ready wear to the opera. Or to a ball. Visit Ashley to learn how she revamped these awesome Toms shoes.

DIY glitter Toms at Lil’ Blue Boo

PS – visit more Mod Podge shoes for other great ideas. I can’t believe the awesome things that people are doing with decoupage medium and footwear!


  1. CountryBelle says

    It’s really funny that they are sooo popular, and expensive… yet all these blogs are promoting how to “fix” them. If I’m spending that much, should I really have to fix them? Maybe I just don’t get it?

    • Anonymous says

      I glittered my last pair of shoes once they got old and worn out. It covered all the scuffs and it was like getting a brand new pair of shoes for the dollar it cost me to buy the glitter.

  2. Gloria Westerman says

    I just did this to a pair of my dress shoes….for a wedding…and they turn out so pretty….love it..tfs

  3. Ashley says

    Hii there! I just had a quick question for anyone ? I was going to do this with gold glitter, for a party I am going to this weekend. I am just afraid they won’t turn out good, How did yours turn out? And is it hard? I just need tips for doing this! And what size modge podge should I buy? AND my toms are blue, does the color matter? Sorry for all the questions !
    Thankyou babes! Mwah
    Ashley~ xox

    • Amy says

      Hi Ashley! I’ve done glitter shoes and they turn out great. They won’t be as flexible as they were originally, but they will be fine to wear. You are fine with an 8 oz. bottle of Mod Podge. And yes, the color matters. If you are going to use gold glitter, I would basecoat the shoes with gold fabric paint. Otherwise you’ll be able to see the blue through the gold glitter and it will look bad. I just did some purple shoes with silver glitter and I basecoated them light gray.

      • Ashley says

        Oh okay! Thankyou, sounds easy enough. And I am glad to know that, I was afraid of the blue showing through. Is fabric paint expensive? I need it by saturday, and my mom does not want to spend a lot of money.

  4. Ashley says

    Hi again guys, I had one more question before I do this tonight. Where in the world can I buy any stuff I need? I looked at walmart earlier today, and didn’t exactly see what I was looking for. Not exactly sure what to do, but I really need to get this done tonight !
    Thanks again babes!! xxxx

    • Ashley says

      Oh and also! I was reading some comments, and people had said there glitter started to shed off after wearing, then I saw one and a lady said she sprayed with Varnish to prevent that? What is varnish> And where could I buy it as well. Brands?
      Ashley~ xxxxx