DIY amber glass

DIY amber glass using Mod PodgeDid you know that you can add food coloring to Mod Podge? Yes, you can. And you can use said food coloring/Mod Podge mixture to create a stained glass look on mason jars, like Carolina did. She’s going to have amber glass jars as one of the centerpieces at her wedding, and what a great budget way to do it. Follow her tutorial to stain glass any color that you like.

Amber glass at c.w. frosting


  1. sewmygosh says

    I need help, please. I cannot find a place on your blog to send an email. Your FAQ page says, “let me know if you have any more questions”… and i’m letting you know here! LOL
    I have watched your videos repeatedly and still cannot get wrinkles out of scrapbook paper on canvas. Please email me. Thanks.

  2. Linda says

    Now that’s creative!! To get this effect, I have been using glass paints but the tinted Mod Podge looks so much better! Thanks for the info.

  3. DECOR8Rgirl says

    Any ideas on what to do if your glass doesn’t fit in your oven? I really want to do this with a wine bottle, but it’s too tall!

  4. says

    Can you clean this off? I have an old window and I wanted to do the mod podge with color to give it kind of a stain glass look. If i do this and then change my mind in the future can it be cleaned off? If so how?

  5. brandy dixon says

    Can I use it on the outside of the jar instead on the inside?? If I bake it on the outside will it be waterproof and permanent?

    • says

      Hi Brandy! Yes you can use Mod Podge on the outside instead of the inside. Also, Mod Podge is acrylic and waterbased, so it won’t be permanent. I’d look into stained glass paints that are permanent for this type of application.