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How to Make Christmas Window Clings (with Kids!)

Learn how to make Christmas window clings using only TWO ingredients! These are so easy – you can do this holiday activity with your kids.

Mod Podge Christmas clings

In addition to Christmas movies, I love holiday crafting, of course. You may be like me, in which case you’d love to indulge in a craft while you watch a Christmas movie – and really get into the spirit!

These Mod Podge holiday glass clings are perfect, and you can make them with your kids. Read on to find out how.

Christmas Window Clings

Gather These Supplies

  • Mod Podge Gloss
  • Acrylic paint – your choice of colors
  • Gallery Glass leading blank – or other nonstick surface, such as wax paper
  • Paintbrush
  • Spreading tool – a plastic knife would work, or an old gift card
  • Scissors, craft knife or die cutter (never leave children unattended)

Pour Mod Podge onto a non-stick surface, like a Gallery Glass leading blank or piece of wax paper.

Add just a little bit of acrylic paint (a few drops) and mix thoroughly with your brush.

Spread the paint/Mod Podge mixture out onto your surface with a flat tool. You can do with the brush, but I find it easier with the flat surface.

Do this with several different colors and let them dry.

Peel your dried paint/Mod Podge off of the surface.

At this point you can cut it with scissors, or run it through a die cutter.

You can even use a hole punch or other cutting tools!

And what do you do with those cut out pieces? Why, stick them to glass! You can warm them up in your hands or exhale on them to make them stick well. These work on votives, or in windows!

Mod Podge Christmas clings

I made these Christmas window clings using scissors, a die cutter, and a hole punch. Aren’t they fun? And when you’re done . . . simply peel them off the glass if you like!

I hope you enjoyed my Christmas craft idea. Check out some of the other kids’ crafts for Christmas below. Happy holidays!

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Kimberly @ A Night Owl

Thursday 15th of November 2012

Wow - that is so cool! I didn't know you could do that with Mod Podge, going to have to give that a try!

Vivienne @ The V Spot

Thursday 15th of November 2012

Grant is like a broken record, asking for this movie.... The elves will be leaving it for him as an early yuletide treat. It looks super cute. LOVE the clings. You are so talented!

nest of posies

Wednesday 14th of November 2012

what a great idea, amy! i love decorative candle holders. we totally want to get Arthur's Christmas! it's on our list for maybe next week during Thanksgiving! fun post!

xo kellie

carolyn ~ homework

Tuesday 13th of November 2012

Ooooh - this is getting me excited for the holidays! Movies and crafting - fun!


Tuesday 13th of November 2012

Are you kidding me??? I'm trying this ASAP! All of my Gallery Glass is in storage and I'm too cheap to buy the entire line again. Good grief. This is the best 'pin' I've found. lol.

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