DIY iPad case made for a dollar

DIY iPad case for a dollar - made with Mod PodgeA recent trip to the dollar store revealed all sorts of new surfaces that I could decoupage. There is a new Dollar Tree in the area and they have some pretty good stuff! One of the goodies that caught my eye was a plastic iPad case for $1 (of course). I wanted an iPad case and I have fabric stash, so the two came together to make this DIY iPad case. It’s so easy and would make a great gift. See how I made this lovely dollar store craft!

Gather These Supplies

IMG_6990I was shocked that this iPad case was only a dollar at Dollar Tree! It’s a plastic hard case, and I couldn’t have it be white.

IMG_6991I prepared my fabric using Fabric Mod Podge. I did this because I wanted a relatively durable and highly water resistant finish on the case, and Fabric Mod Podge does just that. To prepare your fabric, just paint a medium layer of Mod Podge on the fabric and let dry. Cover an area big enough to cover the iPad case.

IMG_6994I placed the iPad case on a wood frame for support and then lightly sanded it so that the Mod Podge would adhere more easily. You just need to rough up the surface.

IMG_6995I wanted a Satin finish on the final project, so that is where Satin Mod Podge comes in. I painted a layer of Mod Podge onto the iPad case and then smoothed the fabric down on top and let dry.

IMG_7035Tackling the edges takes some time. I made sure that folding over the fabric wouldn’t affect the fit of the case on my iPad, then I painted the sides down. You might have to hold some areas for a minute or so until they attach, and you are probably going to have to cut the corners and fold them like a present to make them work. It’s not hard.

IMG_7029I used the detail scissors to trim around the ports and areas where parts of the iPad need to come through. The detail scissors are quite sharp so I also used them to poke the camera hole (then I folded the fabric back there too). Let everything dry and then give it a few topcoats.

Make an iPad cover for a dollarAll done, my friends. You now have a beautiful iPad case for yourself or for a gift. Keep in mind that Mod Podge makes fabric slightly transparent, so if the fabric isn’t very thick you’ll need to make sure that the iPad case is white (or matches the fabric) so that it doesn’t look crazy.

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  1. says

    Great Idea! I seen those today and thought wow, That is a great deal. But I dont have a Ipad so didnt get it. Love the use of the fabric, Im going to have to check out that Fabric Mod podge.

  2. Pab says

    Would that work on the cover that “folds” up? Would it make it too stiff to “fold” or “roll”?

  3. says

    Amy, I love this!! I am going to be looking for an ipad case that I can give a little makeover on my next trip…too bad I’ve already been for the day. I guess it will have to wait a day or too. Anyhoo…looks adorable!!!

  4. CheRalee says

    That is so cute! I was wondering, do y think oilcloth would be too thick? I was just wondering, because then it would be waterproof. I will have to go look for mine tomorrow!

    • says

      Hi CheRalee! You could try it with oilcloth, but you might have issues folding it over the edges because it’s too thick. So you would have to cut it a little differently. You also couldn’t seal it on the outside because it’s already got a coating (but I’m guessing you can glue it down with Mod Podge just fine).

  5. bunmi says



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