Mod Podge tins – a recycled craft idea

Mod Podge tins - a recycled craft ideaAre you a nut lover? Hahaha! Weird question, I know. But the reason I ask is because my family loves nuts, and we always have containers left over when we’ve eaten them all. I really hate to throw nice metal containers out – they are way too perfect for recycled craft projects! So I don’t throw them out. I keep them and Mod Podge with leftover fabric. In case you were doing the math in your head, that is a grand total of $0 spent (minus the cost of the nuts).  If you are looking for a great free craft to celebrate Earth Day (April 22nd) then this is for you. Here’s how I did it.

Gather These Supplies

IMG_1122This first step is optional. If you have containers with dark patterns on them on your fabric is kinda thin, you might want to paint the container. I did that with this green and black container so that the pattern doesn’t show through the fabric.

IMG_0568The next step is to prepare you fabric with Mod Podge. This will make it easier to cut without fraying, and easier to apply to the container smoothly. Simply paint a medium coat of Mod Podge on the fabric and let dry.

IMG_1123Once the fabric is dry, cut one edge to be straight.  You will use this as your reference.

IMG_1124Place your fabric on the container and measure where you need to cut at the top. I didn’t even use a ruler, but you can. I just marked it with my finger. Once you do this, cut to fit the container.

IMG_1128Place a medium layer of Mod Podge on the container and then carefully wrap the fabric around, smoothing as you go. Let it dry for 15 – 20 minutes.

IMG_1129Paint several coats of Mod Podge on the outside to seal. I didn’t paint onto the tin, but you can. I just wiped the Mod Podge away if it got onto the tin. Yes, I am a messy crafter.

IMG_1202The lid is WAY easier than you think. Place the lid flat onto the back of the fabric and trace with a pencil. Now you have a circle on the fabric. Cut about 1/2″ extra around the circle on the outside – so you are cutting a larger circle than you traced.

Why did you do this? Because you are going to Mod Podge the circle to the top and then cut the overhang and fold it down. You can see how I did it in the picture. Do it all the way around the lid, cutting and Mod Podging. Trim off extra with scissors.

IMG_1230Add ribbon to the rims of the lids and buttons to the tops. If you want to.

Mod Podge tins - a recycled craft ideaYou now have fancy containers, and you can feel good because you’ve done a recycled craft. Enjoy!

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  1. Michelle L. says

    Eeeeexcellent tutorial! Thanks esp. for the details about covering the lid – now I feel like I can do this!

  2. Our House Story says

    These are super cute! i’m always looking for new organizational tools! These are great for “stuff”!


    What a neat idea..I love recycling & I have upcycled many used tins,bottles,boxes etc..& its always good to make something beautiful from rough stuff *(*

  4. Diane says

    Wow! Never knew about preparing the fabric with the MP first. So helpful! Thanks for posting!

  5. says

    Excellent tutorial Amy! I especially love the small green tin that you used turquoise ribbon on – it really pops! I love reusing tins and things like that for storage – that way it’s totally unique! Just the way I like it. :)

  6. creativejewishmom/sara says

    Great project Amy, love upcycling tins, who could throw them out? And I even have some of that green fabric too….well maybe I had some, it was just a little fat quarter’s worth from JoAnnes. Thanks so much for sharing on Craft Schooling Sunday, great to see you!

  7. mrslauralynn says

    Great idea, I have some tins I want to reuse and was just going to cover them with fancy paper, I never thought about using fabric but I will use that instead now – thank you :) It’s also a brilliant way to use up all the left over pieces I have lying around!

  8. Trea says

    Great idea! I am decorating a “new to me” house, and doing my master bath in zebra with red & turquoise accents. I also keep all my old tins and have used paper in the past, but this will work great! I also want to do the wall behind the garden tub with zebra…think I could mod podge it on the wall?

    • says

      Hi Trea! You can definitely Mod Podge to the wall! Just treat it like you are Mod Podging to wood. Also, if it’s right behind the tub and could be exposed to water you will need a waterproof sealer to go on top. Good luck!