Old shoes and Fabric Mod Podge = new shoes

Mod Podge shoes

Let’s be honest – though I would love to live in heels and be super cute and stylish all the time, it ain’t gonna happen. I wish bedroom slippers were acceptable footwear for the office sometimes, don’t you? Good thing flats are cute too. These were spotted at Notes from the Bench and I can’t even tell they were another fabric at one point. What I’m saying is that it’s about time for you to do a Mod Podge shoe project, wouldn’t you agree?

Unfortunately instructions aren’t available because the blog is no longer there – however, you can get tutorials by visiting all of our Mod Podge shoes.


  1. Jenny Quest says

    I’ve been itching to do a shoe project, and this just settles it :) Off to find cheap shoes to transform….

  2. Angie Merkle says

    Super cute! Now I know exactly what to do to a pair of my 12 yr. old daughter’s shoes…just in time for her school’s talent show on Friday….thanks a bunch!

  3. says

    OMG, your shoes look so good. I tried the same thing, but I don’t think mine worked as well. What type of fabric did you use? Was it really thick?