Misty re-did her dresser with wallpaper

Mod Podge wallpaper dresser

I’m so proud of Misty – and I’m such a bad craft blogger. Let me explain. First, the reason I’m proud of Misty is because she sent me photos of her dresser re-do, and look what she did! She turned this dresser below into the dresser above. Isn’t it amazing?

A little paint, wallpaper and Mod Podge and this dresser turns from ugs to fabulous. That brings me to being a bad craft blogger. Awhile ago (meaning September) I featured this filing cabinet and said I was going to do something with wallpaper and decoupage. I’ve also posted these coasters, this train case and this cart. All done with wallpaper and Mod Podge. And I haven’t done it yet. I hope you will forgive me, forget about my slacking and be inspired by Misty. She doesn’t yet have a blog, but I’m encouraging her to do so. And I bet she will keep her promises, unlike me. Just remember, dear readers, that I do care. I’ll do better.

The wallpaper featured is from the Daydream collection by Julia Rothman for H&W. You can typically get scraps of fancy wallpapers from local shops, just as a tip. I’ll leave you with the second project that Misty did, a keyholder with a different colorway of the same pattern.

Mod Podge wallpaper keyholder


  1. Not quite there yet... says

    I finished my 2nd and 3rd projects with Mod Podge!
    Thanks again for the inspiration!

  2. KristyRichardson1 says

    So wait, you just call up the wallpaper place and ask for scraps? How des tis interaction take place? Maybe I’m being naive, I usually don’t ask for free stuff for myself usually only for work!

  3. yellaalley95 says

    OMG! This are SOO beautiful… What she did with the dresser is amazing and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the keyholder!

  4. Ott says

    The new dresser is so cool!! Love it. Let me try my hands at something this weekend. :)


  5. Candice@Made With Love says

    I don’t know if I would be so brave…however the transformation is spectacular!