Last minute Halloween decor – spooky luminaries

Last minute Halloween decor - spooky luminariesSomehow an unexpected Halloween party is going to occur at my house this coming weekend. It was one of those conversations with friends that went from “yeah, that sounds like fun” to “ack! now I have to actually do it!” really fast.

Although I make some (I think) fun Halloween decor items (Candles, coasters, signs) for my Etsy shop, to be honest, I don’t usually decorate for Halloween.  So I needed to pull some stuff together and thought I’d share my first project.

I was looking for something for the center of the table. Whatever it was going to be it needed to be inexpensive, easy and quick.  I wandered the thrift store aisles and came up with this idea…. 

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Fabric covered jewelry DIY gift boxes made with Mod Podge

Fabric Covered Jewelry DIY Gift Boxes

Hello lovely Mod Podgers! It’ Rachel again from Lines Across. I really love coming up with creative ways to wrap gifts. So much so, in fact, that I just launched a new website dedicated to all things gift wrap related called Let’s Wrap Stuff. Stop by and check it out. You can even submit your… 

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How to make Mod Podge BOO blocks

Halloween potion bottle “BOO” blocks

Do you have any leftover pieces of 2 x 4? If not, you can get them from your local home improvement store or dig for scraps at a construction site, because it’s time to make a cute Halloween project – these potion bottle “BOO” blocks! You can make them with any saying of your choice,… 

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mod podge shoes

Make Mod Podged Mary Janes

My WORD, y’all . . . this is one of those DIYs that turned out so much cuter than I could have imagined, and it was SO easy to boot. Simple canvas mary janes + glitter + Mod Podge is all you need for this darling DIY. Let’s get started, shall we? Materials: Mod Podge Gloss… 

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How to decoupage a dog house - make a fancy abode for your furry friend!

Fancy canine abode – aka, the decoupage dog house

Hi there – this is Justine from Sew Country Chick! I have four dogs here at the ranch. The tiniest is named Coco. She wandered in one day from the road after being abandoned most likely, and has been here ever since. One day, I was driving through a little town nearby called Ojai, and… 

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Sheer Lattice Ribbon Candle

Sheer lattice ribbon candle

This is the time of year where time starts to run on fast forward. It all starts with Halloween costumes, home decorating that feels like it needs updated every month, and don’t even get me started on handmade gift giving and holiday cooking! This simple candle DIY is a quick and easy way to add… 

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wicked Mod Podge Necklace Halloween Walmart

Wicked Dimensional Magic Halloween necklace

I’m absolutely positive you know who my friends Cathie and Steve are. They are Mod Podge (and lifestyle) experts and have several lines of Mod Podge products. Their most recent is Collage Clay . . . which if you haven’t played with it, is a blast! Another of their product lines features these pendant trays… 

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