DIY Star Wars converse shoes

I’ve been to the grocery store twice in the past two weeks and both times they had different STAR WARS balloons. Either someone at the Publix is a Star Wars fan, or they know I am and put the balloons there as a welcoming beacon because they know I don’t exactly love grocery shopping and they wanted to cheer me up. I’d like to think it’s the latter. But either way, it reminded me that I hadn’t posted a good Star Wars craft in awhile.

Star Wars balloons … 

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Easy patriotic luminaries

I’m always a fan of those projects that can be kept out for longer than just one holiday. It’s hard with some holidays . . . like Halloween and Christmas. Some of the decor is really specific. The nice thing about Fourth of July is that not only does red, white, and blue work for… 

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Paint chip American flag

God bless America . . . and also God bless the people at my local home improvement stores, because they give me the discontinued paint chips that would end up in the garbage bin if not in my hands. You can definitely go to your local stores and ask for the paint chips that won’t… 

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Recycled Fourth of July vases using Mod Podge

The easiest Fourth of July recycled vases

I try to be a good party planner, but a lot of times it can be a HUGE fail. Don’t you ever feel like you’ve forgotten something . . . and then all of the sudden you realize that you have no food for your party? Or any cups? Or you forgot to invite anyone? Haha!… 

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4th of July Party 01

How to host the perfect BBQ – and win a $1,700 trip for two!

I’m a sucker for a good barbecue celebration – how about you? There’s nothing like the taste of marinade meats, salty snacks, and iced beverages to welcome summer. This past weekend I hosted a big summer solstice/pre-Fourth of July barbecue for my neighbors in my condo and I’m thrilled to share it with you! I… 

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Online doctor visits with Amwell

Some of my friends think that I get sick a lot – I prefer to say that I’m a little bit “medically fragile.” But seriously, I actually have diagnosed non-allergic rhinitis. That means I don’t officially have allergies, but I get all of the symptoms of allergies, and sometimes even more unpleasant stuff that goes… 

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Display fresh flowers and herbs in your home this summer with an easy-to-make wall vase using a recycled bottle.

Recycled bottle wall vase

Hello friends! Does it finally feel like summer at your house too? One of my favorite things about summer, is having all the fresh home grown flowers in my yard. I am totally not an expert grower, but I do have a few plants that seem to bloom beautifully all summer long. Since I am… 

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