Super Cute Crispy Treats book review and giveaway

Super Cute Crispy TreatsBaking is not one of my strong suits. I do it on occasion, but honestly, it never ends up looking as good as it does in the pretty picture that goes along with the recipe. Therefore when an opportunity comes along to make something tasty without baking – food crafting as it were – I’m 100% in. And recently my friend Ashley Whipple from the blog Cute as a Fox wrote a book called “Super Cute Crispy Treats: Nearly 100 Unbelievable No-Bake Desserts.” I mean, is the title alone amazing?… 

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Use an adhesive peel n' stick stencil to apply polka dots to the outside of a glass vase - perfect for holding school supplies and other goodies!

Polka dot school supply vase

Hello friends! I have discovered a new craft form that I heart big time . . . . peel and stick stencils! Oh my goodness, these things are so fun! Maybe it’s because they just work so darn well. Seriously, it’s hard to mess up with these things. They are thin, sticky, and work a… 

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Turn a plain wood coffin decoration into a DIY Halloween tray covered with creepy crawlies! Perfect for surprising guests when they grab a piece of candy.

Creepy crawly DIY Halloween tray

Hi everyone. It’s David from Cheltenham Road. I’m usually kind of a last-minute sort of guy – starting my holiday projects a few days before the actual holiday. But this year, for my Etsy shop and blog I vowed to be ahead of the game! (wish me luck). So, sorry to jump into the future… 

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Dorm room wall art

Free printable dorm room posters

We’re going to reminisce a bit my friends – and go back to that time so very long ago that we may have put in the back of our minds . . . starting college. I don’t know about you, but it wasn’t a very easy time for me. I found that moving out of… 

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Enter to win a $100 prize pack in this Mod Podge grab bag giveaway!

$100 Mod Podge grab bag giveaway!

I think you know by now that we always look for an excuse to celebrate around here! Well – for many of you, back-to-school has started . . . and for others, it’s starting very soon. To celebrate the beginning of a new school year, we’re offering a wonderful Mod Podge prize today. I’m going to… 

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If you're looking for a budget friendly DIY wreath, this is your project! You'll use split peas, Mod Podge, and supplies from the dollar store.

Split pea DIY wreath craft

I’m really excited to share today’s craft with you guys! I made a split pea wreath for my back door an I’m LOVING it! This was a pretty easy project to make, but it does take time. If you’re looking for a pretty DIY wreath that is budget friendly, this is your wreath. So if you’re ready,… 

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Learn how to turn some fabulous Mod Melt frames into cute food picks or cupcake picks! These are perfect for parties and are reusable.

Mod Melt frame food picks

Hello friends! It’s Aki here again from Minted Strawberry. It’s fun to make and have unexpected and unique kitchen and food accessories – it paves the way for sometimes interesting conversations. These food picks are an example of that – wouldn’t you want to ask where the host possibly got this? I was making some dollhouse accessories for my… 

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