Using Mod Podge as a watercolor resist

beginning watercolorIt’s been a loooo-ng time since I’ve done anything with watercolor. I took a lot of art classes in middle school and high school, and it was one of my favorite mediums at the time – I loved playing with it! So much in fact that I created a huge picture of tulips using various watercolor techniques that my mom had framed and still hangs in her house today. When I see that picture, I have fond memories of watercolor and have always imagined that one day I’d pick it up again. Well, recently I got the chance…. 

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My least favorite trophy . . . ever

My boyfriend is a decorated cyclist. He’s been riding his bike for 35 years, and has won everything from state championships to nationals to world’s trophies. Yep – he’s a world champion on the track! In his 20s he was a professional in Europe, and then after that began an amateur career that he continued… 

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Here's how to do a simple makeover with Mod Podge on an old piece of jewelry. Make your new DIY bracelet so fun with glitter!

DIY bracelet – quick makeover with glitter and Mod Podge

Today I’m sharing a simple makeover on an old piece of jewelry I have. I’ve had this piece for probably 10 years now. I just haven’t worn it in forever. But for some reason I’ve never tossed it. So I thought I would give it a quick makeover for my friends little girl to play… 

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Learn how to make a simple DIY photo display using supplies from the hardware store - and Mod Podge! Very easy to personalize.

Easy DIY photo display

Hi! It’s David from Cheltenham Road. Do you find that your not-as-DIY-inclined friends tend to ask you to make them things? Mine do and I’m usually up for the challenge as it often makes me think a bit outside my own sandbox. When my friend Aimee pulled me into a local home store, pointed at… 

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A Red Apple on a Pile of Books in front of a Chalkboard

Stock up for back-to-school – win $500 to!

Can you believe it’s almost time to think about back-to-school? Back-to-school doesn’t just mean getting kids out of the house; it also means purchasing tons of school supplies. If you have several children . . . it can break the bank! I’ve teamed up with a group of amazing bloggers to bring you this giveaway… 

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Dollar store crafts: glittered tealight holder

On a recent trip to the Dollar Tree I found these cute tealight candle holders in a pack of three. I knew these would be a perfect craft to use some Mod Podge on and fancy them up! I of course was excited to pull out some of my glitter for this dollar store craft…. 

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Use Amy Butler's pretty papers and your favorite decoupage medium to make this easy "Grow" DIY wall hanging. Instant wall art with little effort!

Amy Butler “Grow” DIY wall hanging

I have always been a fan of Amy Butler’s designs! I’ve used her papers many times on various projects over the years, and I LOVE her fabrics and sewing patterns. Amy can pretty much do no wrong in my mind, so when I received her new book Amy Butler Decoupage: Fresh, Decorative Projects for the Home… 

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