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Beach Themed Oatmeal Soap with a Surprise

Make this pretty beach themed oatmeal soap with a surprise inside! It’s the perfect decor for a beachy bathroom or a coastal inspired escape.

DIY Beach Themed Oatmeal Soap with a Surprise

Hello everyone! It’s Aki from Minted Strawberry. Today I’ll be sharing a fun and easy way to make this beach-themed oatmeal soap – with a surprise in the middle! These soaps would make such cute handmade gifts, so I’m excited to share.

I actually thought of this project when I saw Amy’s decoupage soap craft – I knew there had to be another way to do a soap with a beach theme, since that’s where I was on vacation.

I was at the beach a few weeks ago – I finally made these few days ago and couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. It’s the perfect DIY beach decor for a coastal-themed bathroom or powder room, or a coastal inspired escape.

I’m going to be honest, I also think this beach themed soap would be great for weddings and parties. Think about it for party favors . . . combine it with this cool sandcastle and these beach letters . . . you’re basically ready to roll!

Check out how it was made!

Make Oatmeal Soap

Gather These Supplies

Hot glue sticks swirled into a beach themed silicone mold

Step 1. Create molded starfish and shells using your mod melts mold. To achieve a swirly two-tone effect: let the first mod melt stick melt in your glue gun, pull it out and jam in a second color.

The first few squeezes will have the first color, but the next ones will have a two-toned effect. I specially love the silver and white combo!

clean up mod podge mod melt

Step 2. Clean up your molded starfish and shells using a craft knife or a box cutter. You’ll want to cut off the edges and “riff raff” that hangs on.

pour first layer glycerin soap

Step 3. Melt your first oatmeal soap layer – the glycerin. I used one and a half cubes for my first layer per soap bar – heated for about 20 seconds to melt, and then poured in the soap mold.

Allow the first layer to form a thin skin before proceeding to the next step.

adding mod melts on soap

Step 4. Add your mod melted starfish and shells! This is the fun part. You may want to do an arrangement first to see how you would want it to look like before putting them in the mold.

coffee oatmeal ground goat milk soap base melted

Step 5. Melt your second layer – the goat milk soap base (I used 2 1/2 cubes per soap bar). Mix in ground oatmeal and ground coffee beans to create a ‘sand’ effect. You may mix in your fragrances on this base as well.

Let cool slightly (until it’s not super runny) before pouring in the mold to reduce the chance of the mod melts melting or floating on top.

Beach themed oatmeal soap

Let the oatmeal soap bar cool and harden before popping it out of the mold. And voila! Beach-themed soaps for this summer.

How to make ocean themed soap

I especially love how the Mod Melts show up like they’re underwater – and I promise you, they look way better in person.

DIY oatmeal soap with a beach theme

Create your own beach-themed coffee oatmeal soap today to give away or to use! They’re fun and simple to make, and they’re sure to make a statement.


Monday 20th of June 2016

So cool! Very pretty and great for gifts!