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This I Love You Photo Frame is Easy to Make

Show a loved one how special they are with this DIY picture frame – add a little Mod Podge and aqua paint to your Valentine’s Day crafts!

How to make an "I love you" Valentine's Day photo frame with a bunting

Wait a second – who is that little twerp in the frame? Why that’s me! As part of My Aqua Valentine, my Valentine’s Day series featuring the color aqua, I decided to dress up a photo frame with a love message on chipboard “bunting.”

I used items completely from my stash, so this I love you photo frame cost me $1 total. I realize not everyone has little bunting flags, but actually, these are worth purchasing because they are so stinkin’ cute. So cute that I needed to use them as soon as possible.

I Heart You DIY Picture Frame

I liked using the scalloped versus non-scalloped flags. And I got to use my very favorite FolkArt color, Patina.

The result is a frame I really like – and might keep out past Valentine’s Day. It would also make a great gift. To make one for yourself, keep reading.

I Love You Picture Frame

Gather These Supplies

Wood picture frame, chipboard buntings, and patina paint

Here are my supplies! I love Patina paint so much that I have tons of bottles. Just so I never run out.

If you end up unable to find the chipboard flags, Just cut some buntings out of scrapbook paper. In fact, you can buy cardstock in the shade you like, and forgo the painting. You’ll need a small hole punch or paper piercer for the holes if you choose to do this.

Painting chipboard bunting pieces with aqua paint

Paint all of the flags with Patina, then let them dry.

Painting a frame with silver sterling paint using a paintbrush

Paint the frame with Silver Sterling. You’ll have to give it a few coats, but then it will shine brightly.

Tip: if you have light gray acrylic paint, put a coat of that down first. You’ll notice it will make it much easier to get coverage with the metallic paint if you use a similar color in non-metallic as your basecoat.

Typewriter style stencils

Use the typewriter stencils and white paint to add the lettering of your choice to the flags. I didn’t even use tape – I just held the stencil in place and then used the small stencil brush to lightly paint on the lettering.

If you don’t have stencils or don’t want to buy stencils, you can use adhesive letters for this portion. I happened to have the stencils so I used them.

Coating the chipboard buntings with Mod Podge Satin and a paintbrush

I sealed all of the flags with Mod Podge and glued the heart shape onto the single, un-stenciled flag (the heart shape comes with the flags).

Cut piece of white ribbon with an i love you frame in the background

You’ll want super thin ribbon to fit through the holes. Figure out what length you are going to use, cut the ribbon and string it through the pennants.

Gluing the chipboard bunting pieces to the wood frame

Glue everything down and let it dry.

How to make an "I love you" Valentine's Day frame with a bunting

I’m so pleased with my frame, and I love the mini-bunting. Now to find the right recipient . . .

If you are a beginning Mod Podger, I highly recommend starting with a DIY picture frame. Click here for tons of posts that include Mod Podged frames.

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Sunday 4th of March 2012

Stopping by from the Weekend Wrap UP Party!!!


Sunday 4th of March 2012

So cute Amy

Thanks for linking up! I featured your post in my wrap up a great weekend!

Just Jaime

Saturday 3rd of March 2012

So cute! The bunting is just the right size for the frame and I love the color!

We're just starting a link up party and love it if you'd share there (if you are interested):

Shannon MadiganMade

Saturday 3rd of March 2012

Amy - you are so right... that bunting is adorable! Loving the teal (but I can't say I'm surprised you picked that color ;D). Cute, cute, cute!

Alicia Yamashita

Friday 2nd of March 2012

So adorable! Thanks for sharing this!