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DIY Tic Tac Toe Game Makes a Great Gift

This cute Valentine’s Day tic tac toe game was made using a wood box and other supplies from the craft store. Makes a great gift!

This cute Valentine's Day tic tac toe game was made using a wood box and other supplies from the craft store. Makes a great gift!

I love Valentine’s Day! It’s always a challenge to come up with gift ideas that don’t go right into the recycling bin when people are done with them – but I think I’ve come up with something great.

This DIY tic tac toe game not only makes a great gift that holds candy, but it’s also a game! I themed this cute tic tac toe game with sweet hugs and kisses, and kids will love to play it even after the candy is gone.

And where do you store the chips when you aren’t playing? On the inside, of course!

You can make this tic tac toe for any holiday – or just for fun in a color palette you like. The theme is dictated by the paper punch you choose!

Your recipient is going to love this great gift idea, and you’re going to love how easy it is to make. Here’s how I did it.

Tic Tac Toe Game

Gather These Supplies:

Tic tac toe template

Print your tic-tac-toe template PDF (Download) on inkjet paper. I always use an HP printer, because it doesn’t bleed when I Mod Podge. Most inkjet printers bleed, but the HP has dry ink.

Having said that, if you are worried your printer might bleed, spray both sides of the paper with clear acrylic sealer and let dry before Mod Podging. OR you can print laserjet and it won’t bleed.

Trimming a tic tac toe game template with a paper cutter

Trim the paper down to fit the top of your box – use scissors or a paper cutter.

Adding Mod Podge to the top of a wood box

Add a medium layer of Mod Podge to the top of the box and smooth the tic-tac-toe template down on top. Let dry for 15 – 20 minutes, and then put another coat of Mod Podge on top. Let dry.

Painting a wood circle with red acrylic paint

Paint half of your wood circles with red and half of them with pink.

TIP #1: At the same time, you can paint the inside of your white box with a contrasting color like pink or red. This is totally optional!

Painted tic tac toe wood circles in red and pink

Give your wood circles several coats of paint and let them dry.

Using a paper punch on scrapbook paper

Choose your favorite papers. Use your paper punch to punch out five sets of hearts and outlines. In addition, cut ten stripes from a contrasting paper (like pink) to use as your “X”s.

DIY tic tac toe game pieces

Lay your hearts and “X”s out on the top of the wood circles to make sure you have everything you need.

Mod Podging paper to the top of a wood circle

Use Mod Podge to add the hearts and outlines to the top of the pink circles. Repeat with the pink “X”s on top of the red circles. Let your tic tac toe game pieces dry.

A bead of glue on the side of a wood box

Add ribbon around the base of your box using craft glue. Let dry.

DIY noughts and crosses game on a wood box

Once you’re done making the tic tac toe game and it’s dry – fill the inside of the box with the game chips AND some candy. Who would you gift a DIY tic-tac-toe game?

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Monday 23rd of January 2017

Thank you so much for this darling idea!! I really enjoyed making the project...So very clever....


Wednesday 11th of January 2017

Oh, this is so cute idea as a gift! Especially when you can add also something else to the box! Great piece of inspiration! Thanks!


Tuesday 17th of January 2017

Thank you so much Johanna!