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House Number Pumpkin with Glittery Flair

Glitter up a funkin to make this house number pumpkin! So easy to do with Mod Podge – customize with your favorite glitter color.

Skills Required: None. Even if you’ve never crafted before, you’ll be able to accomplish this project. You’ll be applying Mod Podge and sprinkling glitter.

House Number Pumpkin with Glittery Flair

Fall is in full swing (though I can’t tell here in California)! I, Holly, love incorporating pumpkins into my fall decor, so this year, I turned a craft pumpkin into a simple glittery house number pumpkin to display by my door throughout the season.

To make our apartment number pop, I outlined the outside of our numbers with Mod Podge and adhered brightly colored glitter. No one will ever get confused which number we are!

Display inside or outside your home (in a covered area) and use any colors you’d like to display your house or unit number for the season.

House Number Pumpkin

Faux pumpkin, Mod Podge Gloss, blue glitter, and paintbrushes

Gather These Supplies

Drawing numbers on a faux pumpkin with a pencil

Step 1: Lightly draw large bubble letters/numbers of your house or unit number in the middle of the pumpkin.

Applying Mod Podge to a faux pumpkin with a paintbrush

Step 2: Apply Mod Podge around the outside of the letters with a paint brush, outlining the letters. Sprinkle with glitter and tap to remove excess.

Sprinkling blue glitter on top of Mod Podge on top of a faux pumpkin

For best results, work on one section at a time. You can repeat any areas necessary by adding more Mod Podge and sprinkling more glitter.

Tip: if you are trying to cover an area where glitter has already been applied, go lightly with the Mod Podge. You don’t want it to look clumpy!

Adding Mod Podge Gloss to the top of a house number pumpkin

Step 3: Let the first layer dry completely before applying a sealant layer of Mod Podge on top of the glitter to keep it in place. Let dry before displaying.

Note: Yes, the Mod Podge is going to dull the glitter slightly when you apply it on top. In my opinion, it’s not that bad. However, you don’t have to paint the Mod Podge on top. You can leave the glitter “free range.” Just be advised that it might flake off. Onto your floor.

How to make a glitter house number pumpkin

Let the fall season commence with a sparkly house number pumpkin that everyone is going to notice!

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jam T

Thursday 26th of October 2017

i think my kiddo will make a mess with the glitters... :( though your shown steps are very easy to follow.... let's see how it turns out... :)

Creative Khadija

Thursday 12th of October 2017

This is so beautifully designed. I love this idea. Thanks for sharing with us :)