DIY lace crowns for a princess

DIY lace crowns for a princessI don’t know much about being a princess. I grew up with four brothers, and it also didn’t help that my mom dressed me like a boy. I’m talking short haircut, overalls, and rain boots. That’s sort of the kids’ uniform of the Pacific Northwest, but I think it was all blue, too. And I don’t really mind – I’m not complaining. Yet . . . there are a few “girly” things I think I missed out on as a child. One of those being lacy crowns and a princess party. Aren’t this lacy, glittery crowns wonderful? They are so easy to make with Mod Podge. And you don’t need fancy lace either – just the kind you would get in the trim section of your fabric store. Click the link below to see Stef’s DIY lace crowns and learn how she made them. And question . . . 37 isn’t too old for a princess party, is it?

Lace princess crowns at girl. Inspired.


  1. Janet says

    One day my best friend and I wore a tiara all day as we went around Austin TX to peruse stores,, museums, restaurants. We were in our 60’s–never too late to wear a crow or a tiara.–Enjoy your womanhood!!

  2. barbara macaskill says

    You are never too old for a Princess party!! We all deserve to feel like a Princess for a day (or two) once a year!!! Enjoy!!