Dimensional Magic soda can keychain

DIY keychain made from a Coke canI know there are many of you out there with a Diet Coke addiction – you know who you are. Are you interested in sharing said addiction with the world? Then consider this keychain from Diary of a Crafty Lady. It also might be a good gift item for a friend who shares your love. The best part is that you get to use Dimensional Magic, which if you’ve never tried before, you are going to love.

Pop can keychain at Diary of a Crafty Lady


  1. says

    Very cool.

    Just a little word of warning if anyone wants to make something like this to sell. There’s these crazy weird laws about “trade dress” that might get you into trouble with a craft like this.

    Trade dress is the packaging things come in. Even after the item is used, or drunk in this case, what we would normally consider garbage (the empty can) is protected by trade dress and trademark law.

    Some companies don’t care if you use their garbage (sorry, trade dress), some actually encourage it because they are smart enough to know it’s free advertising, and others will come down on crafters like a ton of bricks.

  2. Ruby Jean says

    Oh isn’t this just CUTE!!! I myself am not a Soda drinker… Okay I do have a Root Beer when eating Hamburgers… That’s kind of a MUST!!! Oh and I LOVE LOVE Big Red soda when traveling in Texas… Didn’t I just say I wasn’t a Soda Drinker… :)

  3. Judie S says

    Thank you for the info on trade dress and trademark law, Michele. I find that very interesting.

    And this is the cutest craft!! I love it!

  4. Lindsay @ Diary of a Crafty Lady says

    Wow, I am so flattered! What a thrill to see this here today. Thanks for the feature! I love Mod Podge rocks :)

  5. lynaeve says

    I found your blog recently because I used to use mod podge with my grandma as a kid and I love it. Our go to projects was actually just putting puzzles together and then sealing them. I have fun memories. anyway, i went out and bought some recently and was looking for good ideas. Your blog is awesome.

  6. Mea says