Fabric covered boxes.

Mod Podge fabric bins
I like baskets. For me personally, they give the illusion of organization here at Mod Podge Command Central – when in fact, everything is not organized. But who would know? Visitors can’t see inside. Mwahahaha! Erin from The Smallest Sparrow developed this tutorial for fabric covered boxes with ribbon ties, and guess what? The box part is cardboard. So this project is recycled. Three cheers for Erin! Visit her entire tutorial here.


  1. designismylife says

    i’ve followed erin’s blog for some time now, although she’s a newish crafter / blogger. great tutorials and always so creative. i’m glad her creativity is getting out to more crafters!

  2. The Smallest Sparrow says

    Hi Amy. Thanks so much for featuring my tutorial!! I’m so excited to be on your fabulous blog.

    A note to your readers… I probably should have used fabric podge but I didn’t know it existed when I made these (my first mod podge effort). The regular stuff seemed to work just fine, though.

    Happy podging!

    By the way – the link to Part 1 of my tutorial is here:

  3. Mel M. M. McCarthy says

    Fabulous! Thanks for sharing Erin’s thrify and pretty boxes; what a delightful idea. I look forward to your newsletter in the ol’ inbox SOooooh much! Hope you’re heading for the best weekend ever. :o) mel