DIY lazy susan from a planter saucer

DIY lazy susan from a planter saucerMan Podger David had a great idea to turn a simple planter into a DIY lazy susan for summer parties. It’s such a great project that I’m sure you’ll want to duplicate the technique for other home decor pieces.

So, you know me, always wandering around Home Depot looking for things to make into other things. Spring is coming, along with outdoor parties and when I saw some big, metal planter saucers (you know, the kind you put under a pot to catch water and protect the floor) on sale I thought “hmmmmmm . . . lazy susan?” It turned out to be easy and pretty fun!


-Metal planter saucer
Mod Podge Gloss
-Foam brush
Envirotex Lite (to make it all waterproof and stuff)
-Plastic straw (not pictured)
-Stirring sticks
-Plastic cup
Lazy Susan mechanism (also from Home Depot)
-Sandpaper (not pictured)
-Glue – I used E-6000
-Spray paint (optional)
-Painters tape (optional)

My tray was white and I wanted to keep it that way but thought a snazzy green stripe would be fun so I sanded the edge of the tray, cleaned it, taped off the stripe (and anywhere else unwanted paint might get)

Tape off the Stripeand just gave it a couple of coats of spray paint. I then removed the tape before the spray paint had dried.

Trace the Edges TemplateMy tray was BIG (16” wide) so to make a template for the inside, I traced the edges of the tray onto two large sheets of paper (you could use newspaper) and then taped them together.

Attach TurntableNext up, I attached the turntable using the E-6000. Glue following the directions on the package and set it aside to dry. While that dried, I gathered my images. I used graphics I had on hand, but you could easily use scrapbook paper or wrapping paper or anything that appealed – just test it to make sure it holds up to the Mod Podge.

I laid out the design in MS Word, but I didn’t want to have to cut out and paste each image so I printed them out in sections on 11×14” legal paper and then cut each section out. Once they were all cut out I reassembled them, placed my template on top and traced the outline of the circle and cut accordingly. I then did a “dry fit” to make sure all was good and made a few minor adjustments.

Lay Out and Cut Mod Podge Each LayerAfter that it was easy to Mod Podge the layers into place. After the layers dried I sealed them with another coat of Mod Podge (this step is key – make sure you get the whole thing covered as the Envirotex will discolor any paper it comes in contact with) and set it to dry overnight. The next day I poured the Envirotex – closely following the directions on the box. I’ve used Envirotex a lot and, when you do exactly what they say it comes out great and when you improvise . . .well, not so much. TIP: You have to blow on the poured resin to pop any air bubbles and I’ve discovered that if you blow through a plastic straw it works beautifully! After giving the tray plenty of curing time (72 hours) we were ready to go.

DIY lazy susan from a planter saucerAnd there you go. A fun, festive, custom, BIG DIY lazy susan!

DIY lazy susan from a planter saucerVisit David at Cheltenham Road for more fun ideas and inspiration.

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  1. says

    Hi Jen – A lot of the graphics are from my own collection. I supplemented with a few things I found online and there are several Etsy sellers that offer Digital Collage Sheets that are very reasonably priced and would totally fit the bill.
    Hope that helps

  2. ~ Laura says

    This is a fantastic idea!! I really like the fact that it has the edge in case the young ones try to spin it too fast!! :) We homeschool and I think this would be an awesome way to make the supplies accessible to all!! Thanks, David!! :)

  3. Catherine Hansen Peart says

    This is fantastic. I can’t get enough of lazy susans’ in my house. Now I can make my own! I just have one question. I see people using their own printouts in Mod Podge projects a lot but every time I try it the ink smudges the print when I brush over it (it is driving me bananas!). What sort of printer do you use? Maybe that is my problem. I am using a HP premium inkjet printer on regular copy paper. Any advice??

  4. says

    Hi Catherine.
    Amy may chime in here too.

    Ink Jet printer ink will often run or smudge unless you spray it with a sealer first – you can find them in the art supply aisle.
    I use a laser jet myself and I also use a paper (from Staples) that is made for laser printing.
    If you don’t want to deal with the sealer, Staples and Kinkos will do laser prints for you.
    I hope that helps a little.

  5. maydijo says

    I have some of those labels too – I bought originals at this great shop near me for 25 cents each. I have Rasberry & Lemonade and Lemon Soda, and a couple of theothers look familiar too but I’d have to check. I’m too chicken to use the originals – they’re gorgeous! – but coloured photo copies are cheap.

  6. Catherine Hansen Peart says

    Thanks David! That helps a lot. At least I know I am not going crazy now! Well, not from that anyhow.. :-)

  7. candice ashment art says

    This is such a sweet idea I can use with all of my labels that I love but don’t know what to do with them… great job Man Podger!