How to make a glittered shirt

Mod Podge glitter shirtI’m not nearly done with the glitter projects – I just can’t help it. There are too many amazing projects to feature. Yesterday it was a glitter clutch, but did you know that you can do it to fabric as well? Stars for Streetlights recently featured a tutorial for a chambray shirt with pretty gold accents, and it looks designer . . . I can’t believe it was done with Mod Podge. So of course I had to share! Are you interested in the how-to? Go here.

PS – You will not be able to wash a shirt like this if you use regular Mod Podge, but you can hand wash or delicate cycle if you use Fabric Mod Podge.


  1. Georgine says

    If you use fabric mod podge, you can wash it? Because, it woud be cool to do glitter tees for my girls.

  2. Ruby Jean says

    Oh SUPER SUPER cute!!! what a fantastic idea… Surely a great way to BLING in the New Year!!!