DIY luggage tag made from fabric

Pretty DIY luggage tag made with fabricIf you are looking to meet someone who has had their fair share of luggage horror stories, I’m your girl. I’m always the one waiting when the carousel stops and all the luggage has been passed out. I can’t tell you how many times they’ve had to make a special trip to my place to drop it off (just call me Greg Focker). One time I even had the pleasure of having an airline attendant motion to a huge pile of luggage so that I could dig mine out myself. I know I sound bitter, but I promise I’m not! It’s all part of the magic of traveling and flying. But you can make it a bit easier on yourself by making your own DIY luggage tag, thereby making your bag a bit more identifiable (especially if it’s black). Check out this tutorial from Dom of Crafted – you’ll be heading to the airport with a fun, fabric tag that everyone will compliment you on. And won’t that be a fun way to start your trip? Here’s the tutorial from Dom.

I’m heading overseas today (yay!) and because of this I needed a new tag to put on my bag, why not make a pretty fabric one with Mod Podge! You could also use this same process to make gift tags! Make sure you pin this one! You’ll thank yourself come Christmas time!
You will need:

tag__72Step 1

Print your details onto a piece of card. If you’re printer doesn’t like thick card stock you can handwrite your information. Draw a tag shape around your details.

tag_2_72Step 2

Apply some Fabric Mod Podge to your card and stick this to your fabric. Leave this to dry.

tag_4_72Step 3

Once your piece is dry cut around the tag line and punch a hole in the top.

tag_6_72Step 4

Attach a piece of string to your tag, tie it to your bag and you’re good to go!

Easy way to make a pretty DIY luggage tagDom blogs at Crafted and lives in Sydney, Australia. You can find more of her creative adventures on FacebookTwitter,  Instagram, and Pinterest!


  1. says

    What a great way to identify one’s luggage! This is so much more attractive than ordinary luggage tags.
    There’s no mention of it, but would it be advisable to apply ModPodge over the fabric to provide more protection and durability?

    • says

      Good point Lynn! Absolutely. A clear (brush on) sealer would make it last forever (even over the top of the Mod Podge).


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