18 fun Mod Podge Easter egg crafts

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Incorporate decoupage into your holiday festivities with these 18 Mod Podge Easter egg crafts. Ranging from paper to baker's twine, you'll love these ideas.Did you realize that Easter is in March this year? Just barely, but it’s coming right up. You can be sure that I want you to incorporate Mod Podge into your Easter crafting, and I’ve found an easy way to do it – decoupage Easter egg crafts. An egg is only so large, right? So any crafting with an Easter egg has to go relatively quickly, at least more-so than a dresser or something. Are you ready to get your Easter egg craft on? Check out these 18 unique ideas!


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    Thanks for all the Easter egg ideas! I always like finding new ones. And the Mod Podge helps make the egg shells sturdier.