Gold beaded heart DIY pendant necklace

Gold beaded heart DIY pendant necklaceI’m a hugenormous fan of Martha Stewart’s microbeads. I’ve used them on bangles, rings and a pendant. I have every single color, if that tells you something. When I decided to do “My Aqua Valentine,” I knew that I wanted to add DIY pendant to the crafty collection – and I thought gold would go perfectly with aqua. It didn’t take long to come with this fabric pendant necklace, and you’re doing to love making one for yourself because it is SO easy. You’ll want to make these for all of your friends.

Gather These Supplies

IMG_5140Paint the pendant with white. Give it several coats and let it dry.

IMG_5151While your pendant is drying, coat your fabric with Mod Podge Matte. You don’t need to use Fabric Mod Podge because it’s a piece of jewelry (though if that’s all you have, you can use it). Remember that the Mod Podge will help keep the fabric from fraying when you cut it.

IMG_5156Paint Mod Podge Matte on top of your pendant. Make sure it’s a relatively thick coat.

IMG_5157Smooth the fabric down over the pendant. Keep smoothing until fabric is down on the entire pendant. If Mod Podge comes out the sides, just wipe it away with your paintbrush. Let it dry.

IMG_5158Cut the fabric off very closely around the pendant. If some of the edges are coming up, just reapplying the Mod Podge, smooth down and let it dry.

IMG_5159Use a pin to push through the pendant hole. and move it around to make it wider.

IMG_5162Place your pendant in an area where you can catch the microbeads and then make a little craft glue heart (I did it freehand).

IMG_5163Sprinkle the microbeads onto the glue. Let the glue dry for several hours and then tap off the excess microbeads. Add the findings to finish.

Behold, your new pendant necklace:

Gold beaded heart DIY pendant necklaceA gift? Perhaps. But definitely make one for yourself. Either way, click below to enjoy more aqua valentine projects.


  1. Michelle L. says

    So cute, Amy! I do love the gold and aqua together – a very different feel from the traditional turquoise and silver!

  2. Melissa @ LoveBugLiving says

    Love the color! Thanks for the fabric fraying tip too. I’ve never seen the microbeads. They look so fun. Great project!

  3. Chris says

    Very cute Amy! I love those Microbeads too! I bought her foil flakes glitter when it was on clearance…its a little bit harder to work with, but still fun!

    Can’t wait to upgrade to microbeads sometime soon!

  4. Lucy Express says

    I agree! Aqua and gold looks great together! Sorry, this might sound like spam but could I be able to show this on my blog? I promise I’ll link back to give you full credit. I’ll only be using ONE photo.

    If that’s alright with you, please contact me here:
    lucyexpresscontact [at] yahoo [dot] com

    Thank you very much! Please contact me by February 15 back with a link to this post so I’ll know which post I contacted you about.

  5. creativejewishmom/sara says

    Hi Amy great to see you on Craft Schooling Sunday, thanks so much for stopping by! Love the pendant and those micro beads look great! All the best! xoxoxo Sara

  6. Jen @ says

    That is so cute Amy. I love the unexpected blue color with the heart. Love.


  7. Jennifer Curts says

    love this cute necklace Amy. I am going to have to get some of those micro beads. They look so cool.

  8. Xan says

    I am really excited about this! I saw a necklace with a piece of her wedding dress. Do you think this technique would work with lace?

  9. Jennifer says

    So cute! Having trouble locating the wood pendant base on that site. Is it possible they stopped carrying them?

    • says

      Hi Jennifer! It’s possible – I’d hit the local craft store because they’ll have something similar – or Etsy!

  10. sparkle says

    love this little piece. Does any body know where i can get the 2 in disk with the hole in it. i tried DIY bangle. Perhaps i over looked it. Thanks.

  11. PinkSodaPop says

    Just stumbled onto this yesterday, and linked it on my blog!

    Thanks for such a creative use of fabric.

    <3 — PinkSodaPop


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