Mixed media with chipboard canvas

Melody Ross CanvasI’m happy to be celebrating week two with Melody Ross’s great products from GCD Studios – available at Artsy Findings! This week I used her Artsy Urban line as well as the Chip Art. Oh my gosh, I cannot rave enough about Melody’s Chip Art! It is one of the most fun things I’ve EVER done in my years of crafting. I love banging with a mallet!

This tool set is all about embossing chipboard, and rather than listening to me go on and on, you should watch this video that explains everything. Once I learned about this set, I had to create something with it, so here’s my first attempt at a mixed media piece using the Chip Art as well as Artsy Urban.

Now here’s how I did it.

Gather These Supplies

  • Canvas – 9″ x 12″
  • FolkArt Acrylic Paint – Coastal Blue, Brilliant Blue, Medium Orange, Sunny Yellow, Bright Green,
  • Green
  • Mod Podge Gloss
  • Chip Art Tools
  • Chip Art
  • Artsy Urban Paper and Embellishments – I used one large sheet of 12″ x 12″, small pieces of two other 12″ x 12″ sheets, four borders and three buttons
  • Fiskars Edger
  • Flat Paintbrush
  • Craft Knife and Mat
  • Craft Glue
IMG_1961I always get my paper ready to Mod Podge first – call me neurotic; that’s okay! I cut a 12″ x 12″ sheet to fit my canvas, and then I used my Fiskars edging punch to make a pattern down both side of the paper. It’s the little decorative touches, my friends. Once your paper is ready, set it aside.

IMG_1962Paint the edge of your canvas with a base color – mine is Coastal Blue. You don’t have to paint the center (as long as your papers are thick enough, which these are) because it won’t be seen. Make sure you cover the edges well and set aside to dry.

IMG_1960Now to the mallet! Used the birds chipboard pieces and then the mini shapes – I also put “Fly” and “Soar” in the middle of the two larger birds with the uppercase Sparrow font. As I said before, you are going to want to watch this video to learn the entire process. Then you can play like I did!

IMG_1963To get the fun distressed effect that I did, choose a color to basecoat your bird and let dry.

IMG_1964Mix your second color with some Mod Podge and paint over the top, making sure to really get that second color into the grooves (you want it to stick around).

IMG_1965Before that second layer is dry, wipe it away. I didn’t wipe it away completely, just enough to leave a faint layer and to get into the grooves. Set aside your chipboard embellishments to dry.

IMG_1966Back to the canvas! It should be fully dry. Time to Mod Podge on the background paper. Spread a medium layer of Mod Podge over the entire front of the canvas. Lay your paper down and SMOOTH thoroughly. Wipe away any Mod Podge that comes out the sides with your brush. Allow to dry for 15 – 20 minutes.

IMG_1968Cover the top of your paper with a medium coat of Mod Podge. Cover the sides of the canvas, too. Allow to dry.

IMG_1969I didn’t want to bore you with tons of pictures of the embellishment process, so just know that I trimmed my borders, adhered those with Mod Podge and then allowed them to dry. I then sealed them over the top with Mod Podge. I glued my birds down with craft glue, and then I added some words cut out of another sheet of paper, a chipboard piece in the center and some buttons. It took me awhile to like it, but I really do. It’s bright and make me happy!

Melody Ross Canvas
Love this canvas! What do you think? Will you give the products a try?


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    What a gorgeous project. I would love to try my hand at making something similar.

    The Artsy Urban line makes me drool :-)

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    YAY for creativity and MOD-PODGE!

    I love the yellows and blues together.
    You are SO crafty.

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    Ooh! This is super cool! I’ve been wanting to try crafting with canvas. :)

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    I just love it all. I love chipboard anyway I can get it the Chip Art Tools is a plus to giving flat surface character. Mod Podge it ROCKS when it comes to mixing paint with it. Gives the paint such a shiny finished look. Love the project you did. Simply a wonderful idea all around.

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    I’ve been so anxious to try Melody Ross’ new line. This Artsy Urban line is so cool! I love what you did with it! Love the blues and yellows.

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    I like it! :) Would love to try my hand at this – hope I win!

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    Oh my gosh, that really does look fun! I could pretend that I actually can use tools :).

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    Thanks for the tips, and the great contest!

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    Your blog has turned me into a Mod Podge addict! I had one bottle sitting in my craft closet FOREVER but now….. I have tons and go through tons!

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    I love your project. Melody’s new stuff reminds me of leather working (back in the day). I have not seen any in stores near me, but I would love to try some!

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    Great project. I’d love to win this for sure.

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    What a beautiful project – I love the idea of putting the pattern onto the birds – neat use of supplies!


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    Don’t you love when you find a new toy to play with an it turns into something Fantastic? Great Job Love It!

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    that project is so amazing! i just adore the colors and the paper you used! hugs!

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    I really like that idea. I could make artwork for my house for WAY cheaper than purchasing it. I love it!

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    Cool project. I would love to win
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    OMG! I LOOOVVVEEE this! Must “borrow” idea!!! TY for the cahnce to win too!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I have several blank canvases and some Modge Podge-I’m going to give something like this a try.

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    I love all the colors in this project. It is very beautiful. Thanks for sharing!


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