A rather large gift box covered in pattern pieces

Mod Podge box covered in pattern piecesI decoupaged this pattern piece box for my friend’s mother – her 60th birthday present! She loves sewing, and so we decided this would be the perfect gift for her since she has (now had) a lack of places to store her fabric and patterns. And how else to cover the box except with patterns? Don’t be too shocked, but I actually took photos of the process. Trust me, it was difficult to stop crafting and snap the camera! In the interest of being a good decoupage blogger, I decided I need to post a tutorial. So here it goes.

Mod Podge Step 1Gather These Supplies

  • Wood storage bin (Michaels or Jo-Ann, don’t forget to use a coupon)
  • Big flat paint brush
  • FolkArt paint in Linen, 8 oz.
  • Fabric pattern(s) (Jo-Ann always has some on sale for $.99! Get two just to be safe)
  • Mod Podge Gloss
  • Sandpaper (optional)
  • Cute mushroom apron (also optional)

BEFORE you begin painting, you may need to sand your wood surface to reduce nicks and rough spots. That is your call. I always do or I end up regretting it.

Mod Podge 2Step 1 is really easy but takes some time. Basecoat the box with the Linen paint. Do it inside and out, and on the bottom of the lid too. Don’t try to cheat – I’m watching and will know if you don’t paint it all! Let it dry for a few hours.

Mod Podge Step 3Unfold your pattern and don’t worry about the creases. They will go away as you Mod Podge. Cut out pieces in the sizes and shapes that suit you and begin to apply to the storage bin. Here’s the way to do it. Lay the pattern pieces down and Mod Podge over the pattern piece. Hold one side down with your hand and apply a thin coat with a brush on top. The Mod Podge soaks through and adheres the piece to the bin – this method keeps it from tearing.

Mod Podge Step 4Keep overlapping the pieces with Mod Podge. Don’t worry about the pieces going over the sides – I actually glued them down around the edges and corners, but I left them hanging over the top and bottom of the bin to cut off later. Note that the pieces become transparent when you glue them down. Kind of cool! Keep doing this until you have covered the entire outside of the bin and lid. I didn’t do the inside or the bottom of the lid. Allow the tote to dry.

Mod Podge Step 5Okay, so this is the fun part! I normally hate trimming things with an X-Acto, but this was kind of fun. I trimmed the top, bottom and inside the handles. “Saw” carefully and it will work well! Once you are done trimming, coat the entire thing with one final coat of Mod Podge – inside and out.

How to decoupage a box with pattern pieces Mod Podge box covered in pattern piecesHere she is! The finished piece. One last thing I did was paint a 2-inch knob and glue it on top with craft glue. I hope you like it! The great thing is that it really wasn’t that expensive. Less than $20 when I used a craft store coupon for the bin.

PS РThe gift receiver loved it! Another successful decoupage project. Complete.

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  1. Struggler says

    Very cool! I like the sort of abstract effect achieved with the patterns.
    Am rather spooked that you know I cheat and don’t paint the inside of things ūüėČ

  2. cathie filian says

    I love it!!! I am working on an art piece using patterns. The box is great. Now – when are you going to make me one????

  3. amybluestar says

    Hey Struggler – Yes, I used to be that way. A very cool Mod Podger named Holli taught me that it was very bad not to paint every single surface! So now. . I do!

    Cathie – I will totes make you one!!!

  4. Xazmin says

    That looks so cool! I love it…perfect for a sewer!

    Thanks for linking up. I’d love a sponsor for next month…I’ll send you my info! Thanks!

  5. Mel M. M. McCarthy says

    Amazing!!! AWEsome! I’m drooling here. :o) Love this madly. I’ve wanted to make one for ages, but yours looks a thousand times better than my imaginary one. WOWzers it’s gorgeous! :O)

  6. Kristina @ A Home Made by Kiki says

    I love the idea of using pattern pages!! I would have never thought of that! This would be a great way to decorate storage boxes in a sewing and craft room too!

  7. Katie says

    Amy this is so gorgeous! For realz, it looks like something that came out of a catalogue. Many kudos!

  8. The Old Block House says

    Brilliant! Thank you for the tutorial. I’ve never decoupaged with pattern pieces and your info was much needed.

    Following your blog.

  9. emilysnan says

    hiya visiting from , tip junkie and following you too x what a great tut and make over , no wonder the receipent loved it ! who woulndt ? tfs
    hope to see you over a t mine sometime

  10. Judy says

    That is really cool. I host a blog link party that opens tonight at 8pm EST. I would love for you to stop by and link up this great project.

  11. Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions says

    What a great gift idea, Amy! I love it! I could even imagine filling it with some sewing notions as a part 2 of the gift.

  12. Lowri says

    Fantastic idea – I would never have thought to use sewing patterns!
    Your finished box looks amazing.
    Visiting from Tatertots and Jello

  13. jjflamingo says

    just had an awesome idea! get old patterns from the thrift store for very cheap, and a vintage look. I will be trying this to make a cover for my sewing machine using patterns and mod podge on some sort of cover, not sure what yet. but I love the idea!!! this would also be cool to mod podge patterns onto a lamp shade for the sewing area/room.


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