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Valentine Embroidery Hoop for the Holiday

This little valentine embroidery hoop features a little heart and is cute enough to stay up all year! Make with Mod Podge and any fabric.

Skills Required: None. Even if you’ve never Mod Podged before, you can make this project. You’ll be gluing fabric to another piece of fabric with decoupage medium.

Valentine embroidery hoop with heart fabric

I’m kinda OCD when it comes to the decor I have in my home. Seasonal holidays usually make me nervous because I like what I have displayed and don’t really want to change it! Anyone relate?

Valentine decor can be especially challenging! However this cute little mixed fabric hoop with a simple heart can stay all year round if I wanted. It also makes my wall look festive for Valentine’s Day. Winning.

valentine embroidery hoop

Before you get started, you might wondering if you have to use Fabric Mod Podge. The answer is no. I happen to have it, and so I used it to attach fabric to fabric.

Having said that, this valentine decor isn’t ever going to be washed, which is the bonus of the Fabric formula. If you’re not going to wash it, you can use Gloss, Satin, etc. This is actually really fun with Sparkle Mod Podge. It’s up to you!

Learn how to make this unique valentine decor piece below.

Wood embroidery hoop, heart fabric, Mod Podge, red paint, and a paintbrush

DIY Valentine Decor

What you’ll need:

  • Embroidery hoop
  • Two different fabrics – contrasting is best
  • Fabric Mod Podge
  • Craft Paint
  • Scissors
  • Paintbrush
Painting an embroidery hoop with red paint

Take the hoop apart and paint any part that will show once assembled. Allow to dry fully.

Valentine's Day heart fabric pulled through an embroidery hoop
Heart cut out of black fabric with white polka dots using black handled scissors

Take your first fabric and secure it in the hoop. Trim the excess. Then take your second fabric and cut out a heart.

Spreading Mod Podge onto the heart fabric

Spread a medium layer of Fabric Mod Podge on the first fabric.

Smoothing the heart on top of the fabric
Brushing Mod Podge on top of the heart on top of the fabric

Place the heart down and evenly cover with more Fabric Mod Podge. Allow to dry fully, about an hour.

Embroidery hoop decor for Valentine's Day
Embroidery hoop with heart fabric

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