Decorating clay pots with Mod Podge

Decorating clay pots with Mod PodgeI love planting – I find it very therapeutic. I have no yard at my apartment, but I do love container gardens, so that is how I satisfy my green thumb urge! The nice thing about container gardens is that they are, well, contained. The thing I don’t like is that sometimes the clay pots are boring, and the nicer looking pots can get pricey. So how do you remedy the situation? By decorating your clay pots with fabric and Mod Podge, of course! This tutorial from Dig.Drop.Done will show you how. Not only that, but it’s a great way to present a plant gift to someone. Mother’s Day, anyone? Here’s how these pots were made.

modpodge3Gather These Supplies:

  • 5 inch wide terra cotta pot (4.5 inch high)
  • Fabric in the patterns of your choice
  • Mod Podge Matte (or Outdoor if they are going to be exposed to the elements)
  • Brush or Sponge
  • Scotch Tape
  • Soil & Water
  • 3 Ixia Bulbs (African Corn Lily)

modpodge1Place a piece of scotch tape over the drainage hole to prevent soil from leaking while working. Cut a length of fabric that will wrap around the pot completely. Leave extra room for folding the top and bottom.

modpodge2Dab a bit of Mod Podge onto the pot with a brush or sponge and adhere fabric edge. Lay the fabric onto the pot and continue covering the pot (with fabric) and coating with Mod Podge, all the way around the entire “body” of the pot.

Cut slits in the fabric on the top and bottom to prevent the fabric from overlapping. Trim the fabric on the top and bottom so that there is approximately 1 inch of extra fabric hanging over. At the top, fold the fabric into the pot. Coat the fabric with Mod Podge so it stays in place. Continue to do so all around the top. Then follow with the same instructions on the bottom.

modpodge 4Let pot dry (Approximately 15 minutes). Fill pot 2/3 full with potting soil.

modpodge 5Plant Ixia bulbs 2 inches deep and cover with soil. Water very sparingly (1/4 cup) until the pot is placed outside in a sunny location. (Don’t forget to remove the scotch tape from the bottom of the pot.)

Water throughout the flowering season, but don’t overwater. Ixia like to be kept on the dry side. Keep containers out of the rain, as the glue will wash off (unless you use Outdoor Mod Podge). Place under a covered location outside for best results.

How to decorate clay pots with Mod PodgeTutorial courtesy of and images credited to Dig.Drop.Done. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter for updates!


  1. Laura says

    wont watering the plant cause problems to the fabric on the outside as terra cotta is pourous and the water will seep through the sides to the outside?

    • says

      Hi Laura! A lot of clay pots are sealed or don’t seep. The ones I have here don’t leak through. Maybe it depends on what type you get? I haven’t had any problems with my plain clay pots leaking or the Mod Podged ones I’ve done getting wet.

  2. Connie Krohn-pickrell says

    I have had problems with clay pots. They have to be sealed first in order to ModPodge with fabric. I have made 5 now, and they are all molding from the inside. You also have to let the ModPodge cure for weeks before you can plant in them.
    This comes directly from PLAID. I called them.