Faux stained glass containers

Mod Podge faux stained glass containers

Mod Podge faux stained glass container detail

At one point in my life I got ahold of some cool glass jars with fitted lids:

IMG_2151I liked them but not plain РI wanted to spice them up a bit. So what is a Mod Podger to do? Well, of course, decoupage them with tissue paper. I love tissue paper on glass because with the light, it gives a bit of a faux stained glass look. As you can see from my first pictures. So how did I do it?

IMG_2149All I used was tissue paper, a Sizzix machine with a circle die and Mod Podge Gloss. If you don’t have a Sizzix, you can use a circle template or a punch.

IMG_2150The Sizzix is nice just because it cuts out a lot of tissue paper at once. In various sizes.

IMG_2152Once you have the circles, Mod Podge them down (very carefully so they don’t tear).

IMG_2153Layering circles of different colors gives them a cool effect.

IMG_2155Once you are done layering, apply a final coat and let both containers dry.

Faux stained glass containers made with Mod PodgeIt’s a beautiful effect when the light shines through!

Mod Podge faux stained glass containersThese updated containers are so colorful, and you can make them with any shades of paper and shapes that you like. I’m partial to the blue . . .

I also made a faux stained glass house project for kids. Check it out!

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  1. byashleynicole says

    i have some candle holders just like the shorter one, except with out a lid. i am going to do the same thing to them!!! thanks so much for the great ideas!!

  2. Anu@My Dream Canvas says

    This is so lovely! I am visiting you via the party at Somewhat Simple. I look forward to seeing you at My Dream Canvas.

  3. Kristin Glas says

    My kids like to mix up bath salts, those would be great to store it in.
    We’d have to use glitter ModPodge of course.

  4. Anonymous says

    I saw some mason jars coated w/ MP. They were clear but had a rustic look I would like to copy for my storage jars in the kitchen which sit on an open shelf. (i store cornmeal, brown
    sugar, etc. in them)This will be my first ever craft so any advice would be appreciated.

  5. Anonymous says

    I love these! We did these with our daisy girl scout troop to learn about recycling and reusing items. They all brought a jar from home and saved tissue paper left over from Christmas.


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