Painted and Podged acorns

Paint acorns in a unique color palette and then seal them with Mod Podge - this is a unique fall craft!If you are wondering what I think about in my spare time, then let me give you a clue. Painted acorns. I recently filmed some Mod Podge videos, and outside the studio door were some enormously wonderful acorns. Like a good Mod Podger, instead of thinking about them as squirrel food, I thought about what I could do with them that would be crafty and fun.

Paint them, of course.

I present to you my fall acorn display. I got the color palette from a post I did another blog . . . . then I sealed my nuts with Mod Podge. Now stop laughing and read the instructions. This is so easy, you won’t believe it. It’s also budget crafting at its finest.

Gather These Supplies

IMG_2703I’m going to tell you that the basecoating step is up to you, but I chose to paint my acorns white first so that the color would really pop. It took awhile, but it’s a pretty mindless task and perfect for when the kids are napping and you are trying to catch a little boob tube.

IMG_2728A little further in the nut basecoating . . . switched brushes to a larger size for more coverage. Allow to dry.

IMG_2731Time for the blue base! I have to tell you that while I was painting these, a little beastie (worm) crawled out of an acorn to see what I was doing to his house. If you see a hole, there might be a beastie in there. Just keep that in mind.

IMG_2760Time for the brown tops.

IMG_2761Seal these puppies up with a little Mod Podge, then display in a glass container. Aren’t they cool?

Paint acorns in a unique color palette and then seal them with Mod Podge - this is a unique fall craft!The acorn painting task is perfect for misbehaving husbands or children who haven’t gotten good grades so far this year. I have to admit though, I really enjoyed this project and spent $0 on it – I already had all of the supplies. Nature makes the best craft surfaces, don’t you think?

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  1. The Wool Acorn says

    Well, can you guess that I’m all about the acorn??? >>>theWoolAcorn? Anyway, your acorns are adorable… I love the color.

    The worms are weevils and they are inside the acorn… they burrow their way out. So if you see a hole, the worm has left the premises. That’s better than no hole because no hole means he just hasn’t come out yet. I think you can freeze the acorns to kill the worms but I haven’t tried it.

    As you can see on my blog, I only work with the acorn caps. I leave the nuts for the squirrels. We have a deal… they leave the cap, I leave the nut. And if they’re not cooperative, I threaten to get a cat.


  2. says

    Wg=hat a windersul idea. And for the psychedelick minded why not use many different colors. I wish I had thought of this Sat. as we were at a park with many trees abd fallen acorns were everywhere.

  3. Klasina aka @DeHeldin says

    I’m not sure, on one hand i think it’s a bit weird to paint acorns blue of any other bright color. On the other hand, i am so going to do this! 😉

  4. Chica and Jo says

    We love these! Jo would have added some glitter to the tops of them but Jo has a problem with wanting to glitter everything. Chica thinks she has spent far too much time on Crafty Chica’s web site.

  5. catnap says

    Totally cool! Love the color, love the idea. The worm comment reminded me of when I was a kid and gathered a bag of acorns to play with. Brought the bag into my room that evening and tossed it on the floor for another day. Overnight the worms hiding inside crawled out. Next morning my floor was covered with worms. I’m wondering if popping the acorns in the freezer might kill them off. If you put acorns in the oven, even at a low temp, they dry out and shrink; no fun. I wonder if the MP will simply seal the little guys inside for good? Can’t get over the color – I love it!

  6. e.b. says

    Hi there! I just wanted to say a little ‘hello!’ as I am a long time-podger, first time reader.

    Love the acorns!


  7. daylily (Queenmothermamaw) says

    Woo Wee got grands coming over today. Guess we will podge some acorns. Might leave the tops natural.

  8. Heidi@TheCraftMonkey says

    those are SO cool! I love the blue! Did you mod podge the little beastie inside the acorn? hahaha eeeew!

  9. [email protected] says

    Who would have thunk it? They are very cool, i am loving the colors you used.

  10. Carmen says

    Those are really cute, and I love the way you’ve displayed them. Thanks for stopping by my blog!! =D

  11. Anonymous says

    Love the blue color, I’d never think of that, and sure wish the squirrels would leave a few good ones for me rather then trying to dig up the good ones they bury. They aren’t to happy if you do that. :)

    Lori m

  12. Meredith says

    what a great idea! If you bake the acorns in the oven on 250 for about an hour it will dry out any moisture inside (may cause mold or mildew) the acorn and kill any beasties ; ) and they will last for years and years and slow the rotting process.

  13. One Creative Queen says

    “Beasties”? “BEASTIES”?? Bahahaha I just about died when I read that sentence. It’s like an extra surprise. Ya know, more bang for your buck.

    “Beasties”. It’s not even 5:30 yet this morning and I already know this was the best part of my day.

    Darling project, BTW! Just get faster and you can maybe get the “beasties” to color-coordinate.xx

  14. Gloria Westerman says

    How adorable… this idea….I have chestnuts in my yard….wonder what they would look like…..hummm….thank you for sharing…..

  15. 1blessedmama says

    This is a great idea! I love the color blue you used….it’s a great accent color. I featured this in my blog today, by the way!

  16. who is ashlee? says

    I have a HUGE oak tree in my yard. I am seeing red, yellow, and orange with glitter in my home. They will go great with my fall leaf serving platters!

  17. Michelle@Somedaycrafts says

    This is gorgeous! I love the color you chose! I am featuring this at

  18. says

    I just saw a bunch of acorns when I was on a walk the other day and I knew there was something cool I could do with them! Love the colors! These would match my house perfectly. Thanks for the cute idea.

  19. AshMW says

    I absolutely love these and went out on a mission to collect my own acorns. Although the tops are holding the color perfectly, I can’t seem to get the paint (FolkArt) to stick to the actual acorn part. Ideas, anyone?

  20. Marquita Hudson says

    Super cute idea! I showed this t my daughter this morning at her busstop. She loved the idea, but wanting them in orange! Then she added pressure asking if I can make it into a lamp!? Will try & figure that out but if not, will a vase do-yes! Can’t wait to get started. Now if I can only find some acorns!

  21. Tina says

    If you bake them in the oven for about 20 mins then you dont have to worry about the little ‘worms’ coming out. i baked some last year when i was useing some for a wreath i made for thanksgiving. I am now going to have my son go outside with me and pick some up in the yard to do this.

  22. Gretchen says

    I love this idea, although, insects/weevils generally live in acorns!!! I’m wondering if they can be boiled or baked in the oven to rid them of these insects…


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