DIY valentine love notes display.

DIY valentine love notes display

Yea! We are excited to be guest posting at Mod Podge Rocks with our DIY valentine love notes display! We are big fans of Mod Podge. As you know, Amy is awesome and works hard for this blog . . . so thanks Amy, for letting us be a part of your blog!!

How Does She started when we {Missy, Alison and Shelley} kept asking each other ‘How Does She’ craft, coupon, organize, love her family, etc? So we decided to start sharing ideas and building a blog to answer those questions! We have had a ton of fun learning and posting about some of the newest, funnest and most motivating things on the web. So here we go on our ‘BEE My Valentine’ post!

Every year for Valentine’s Day my husband and I have a rule that it has to be a homemade gift. I love our homemade gift exchanges. They require so much thought {and sneakiness because we do not want the other one to see what we are making}. I was trying to come up with something for him this Valentine’s that would be fun to display and fun for him! So here it is . . . Bee My Valentine! Fun Valentine’s decoration and the personal part that I think he will love is the wire holders . . . they will be perfect for holding ‘Reasons why I should Bee Your Valentine.’ I am going to think of 10 reasons that I should be his Valentine and stick them in wire holders. When he has his reasons then I could put reasons I love my kids in there too! Below is the tutorial on how to make it. Over the next few weeks we will be having a 2×4 party at How Does She! Kind of . . . we will be showing you quiet a few things you can make with a 2×4. 2×4 gifts and decorations are so easy and thrifty to make. If you live near new home building they always have scrap 2×4 laying around. I am not promoting stealing!!!! Ask the builder if you can have his scrap wood. The builders that I have asked have been more than happy to let me have it. They smile when I say I am making crafts :) Just wait until you see what else you can do with a 2×4!

1. Cut a 2×4.

  • Bottom layer is 4 inches
  • Middle layer is 3 inches
  • Top layer is 2 inches

2. Trace around your wood pieces. Can you see the cement on the blocks…straight from a builder.

3. Cut the paper out.

4. Mod Podge it on.

5. Layer paper and sand the edges.

6. Let your little one help you stack the blocks. {He has cute hands!}

7. Drill 2 holes in the block at each end.

8. Add your vinyl.

9. Add the wire. Click here if you need a tutorial on how to twist wire.

10. Insert love notes. Thanks again for the guest post!


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